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Real pregnancy or cruel mind game?

At the risk of sounding completely crazy (since it is how I feel) I am posting in search of advice and/or answers. I had my tubes cut/tied/burned 7 years ago as I was only 24 with three small children and in a relationship with a verbally and emotionally man. I was absolutely certain that I would never want any more kids. Three years ago that relationship ended and I have now met the love of my life and been with him for 2 years. There is not a single day that goes by that I don't totally regret the decision to have the surgery done all those years ago. He deeply cares for my kids as if they are his and even gets jealous when they have to go to their dad's house. I would love nothing more than to give him his own first born  child (or more). Recently I have been experiencing symptoms like those I had with my 3 pregnancies. Such as tender breast, nausea, cravings, tiredness, swelling ankles, weight gain, moodiness, and feeling fluttering-type movement. Over the last week the movement has even been visible while I am laying down. This would all be awesome, if it is real; the problem is that I am still having periods, although irregular, and I took a hpt and it came up negative. Is it possible that my mind is playing a cruel joke with my body? Or could this be our miracle? We pray everyday that we will be blessed with a 'mistake' of our own. We have discussed saving for either reversal or IVF but aren't sure which option would have a better chance for results. I am in my 30's now and realize that my time is running out if this is going to be a possibility.
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