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OPK/Fade patter?

Hi there! I posted an intro a few weeks ago, but I am back with a quick question! My husband andI are exicted to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary here soon along with "fingers crossed" a BFP!

This is my 2nd cycle TTC, and we tried using OPKs last cycle as well as this one. Last month there was a clear dark positive on the OPK. The day after we got the + we went through a traumatic situation with our 3 year old Maltipoo Midas in which we almost lost him to a sever back injury, but God is good as he is doing much better now! That being said, I know our chances were hurt last month both with stress and missing the fertile window.

This month has been a little tricky as I began testing on CD12, and on CD 14, 15, 16 and 17 I recieved faint positive tests. Unlike the bold line I received in cycle 1. After all that... my question is, did I ovulate at all? If so is it possible for me to tell which day? I had never payed any attention to my ovulation signs until the beginning of this year and I'm still trying to figure everything out! Looks like based on my last 2 months my cycles last 29 or 30 days in length.

Sorry for such a lengthy post but I am very curious and looking forward to adding a new addition to our family! Any advice would be much appreciated!! :o)
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