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Pain & pressure, not sure if colon or pregnancy related

I will be calling my doctor about this this week, but I wanted to see if any of you ladies have ever experienced anything like this pain in pregnancy.
At 21 weeks, my uterus is just at my belly button level. The baby is very active and kicks all day, so at least I know he's healthy. But there's this one small spot that is always in pain, and I can't tell if it's my uterus or my colon, or even if it might be a hernia.
The spot is on the right side of my stomach, about a quarter inch below and two inches away from my belly button. It's a very focused point of pain, about an inch and a half in diameter. Whenever the baby kicks there, it REALLY hurts; it feels as if his foot or arm or whatever goes through the uterus and stomach lining and hits my skin from the inside. The spot does not visably "stick out" or distend like a hernia, but when I have a BH contraction, this spot does stick out more than the rest, but not enough to show visably; I can only feel it.
Anatomically speaking, this exact spot of pain is also where the colon bends and folds from the ascending colon (the part that connects with the small intestine) to the transverse colon (the horizontal part just under the stomach). It feels like it might be a hernia at the exact point where the colon makes that bend.
It only hurts during a BH contraction, when the baby kicks that exact spot, or when pressure is applied on that spot, such as when I had my last u/s; when the doppler slid over that point, even the minimal pressure it applied was very painful. It didn't think to say anything to the doctor at that time, because that was the first time I noticed the pain and I thought it was just circumstancial. But that point of pain has not gone away since then, and it's getting more painful each week as the baby gets bigger and kicks harder.
Has anyone experienced a hernia during pregnancy? Or some benign, focused point of pain that you just had to deal with until the pregnancy was over?
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