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* is it October yet.. NO?! okay.. *

sooooo here I am, 14w4d today & the ladies at our favorite convenience store already call me "baby mama" because my baby bump is like WHOA already, my cravings are just all over the place, and they say I have the "mommy look" already?! lol does that mean I'm glowing yet?! because I think it's just sweat!!!! lol I'm so HOTTTT! and it's only in the 80's in South Carolina so far.. geeeeez, it's going to be a long summer! BUT, I already have a plan:
maxi dresses, watermelon (along with other fruit), lots of water, and relaxing by the pool! (((:

I couldn't decide what I wanted while we were in there, so.. I left with: an apple juice, vinegar & salt chips, and 2 packs of peanut m&m's.. that's not bad right?! lol my fiancé smiles at the counter & says, "craving much?!" haha!!
OH, then we went to burger king b/c I was about to DIE for their new honey bbq chicken strips!! (I can NOT eat chicken now unless it's covered, and I mean covered in sauce.. so I used ranch along with it) haha!!

I'm amazed, I'm really in AWE at how much of an amazing experience this is.. the body changes, mood changes, the cravings, all of these ups & downs.. and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

excuse my hormones, but this little miracle has changed our lives for the better.. and I can't wait to meet him/her!!
God bless all of you mommies & mommy-to-he's.. thank you for your continued prayers!
love, mommy & "Baby A" (can't wait to announce his/her name!!!!) ((((: ❤
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Awww how precious ♥
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thank you! I feel like I could cry 24/7.. I've always, always been an emotional person, cried easily, etc. but GEEZ.. this is a whole new level!! lol ((:
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Awww thank you!  Reading your post if very encouraging.  Im 14w 6d. I've been having such a hard time with the vomiting and nausea its been hard to do good at work or even go to work. This is a miracle baby for me as it took 9 years to get pregnant after a miscarriage. Thank for your post! ...ha by the way my cravings are random too. I got ice cream granola bars and hot cheetos on my way home from work lol its getting hot here too. I keep getting hot flashes lol
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lol awe, you're very welcome!!! I'm happy to see we're so close in due dates!!!

I'm sorry you're having such a hard time!! ): I thank God my nausea started going away around 10-11 weeks.. I have Promethazine, but I've only had to take it a few times.

& you do have a miracle baby indeed!! that is amazing.. I've had a couple of procedures done to my cervix, plus my colon disease.. I just never thought I'd be able to have a baby! I'm 25, and I begged God to give me a baby by at least 30.. He is an awesome God!!

aren't these cravings amazing?!!! lol everyone assumes it's pickles, but I've been obsessed with pickles since I was a baby!! so that's nothing new.. I just get cravings at weird times, or I want a mix of everything b/c I can't decide! lol I almost blew my fiancé out the room.. I turned the fan wide open, a/c on, and I'm down to my panties & a thin, thin shirt.. no bra!! haha!!
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p.s. I've never heard or tried ice cream granola bars?! that sounds like a piece of Heaven right now though.. gosh, I really want ice cream now!! lol
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Oh my goodness that's ironic.  I had a procedure done 4 years ago for my fallopian tube and my uterus and I was recently diagnosed with diverticulosis and am supposed to be on a high fiber diet.  Though since ive been pregnant I've had a hard time eating my normal healthy food. Thank God I can still eat my fruit watermelon grapes and cantelope :-)
I remember years ago I wanted a baby at 30 but if I was 35 I'd give up. Im actually 30 now and this lil miracle took me by surprise to say the least.  I didn't believe it until I had my 1st ultrasound.  I thought the tests were wrong or couldn't be right lol
I still struggle with nausea and vomiting just not as bad as last month. Recently I had to go to ER for dehydration and last week I was on bed rest because I was bleeding.  But my lil miracle is doing good praise God. The doc gave me zofran and reglan which has helped a lil I just don't throw up as much. Plus I wasn't gaining weight.  Hmmm promethazine I don't think I've heard of that.

It is nice we are very close on weeks and days. Thr funny this is they changed my due date back to the original.  At 1st it was October 22 then October 25 now its October 22. On my last ultrasound they ate 90%sure its a girl.  Cant wait to know for sure!
What are your baby names? Do you guys have any picked out?
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oh wow, you've definitely been through it too haven't you?!!
& I LOVE fruit!!!! I'll definitely be eating it the majority of the summer!!!!! lol

Promethazine is substituted for Phenergan.. I actually was prescribed Phenergan when I was younger because I stayed nauseous for some unknown reason.. it works, but it makes you SUPER sleepy. I would have preferred Zofran, BUT I was so miserable when I got it.. I didn't care & I didn't feel like waiting for her to send anything else to the pharmacy lol

and OMG that's so exciting that you already have a hint of the sex!! we haven't been told anything yet?! they may tell us something at the specialist on the 6th, if not.. my next OB appointment is on May 22nd & I'll be 17w6d.. she BETTER tell me then!!!! lol

we want a girl... we DESPERATELY want a girl!!! lol but when we do find out the gender, I'm going to have her put it in an envelope and I think we're going to do the gender reveal.. either with balloons or a cake.. probably the balloon idea. the cake idea has been used a lot.. idk, I'll come up with something! lol

BUT, if the good Lord gives us a boy, his name will be Colby Lee - Lee was my brother's middle name that passed away, and it's also my daddy's middle name.

if it's a girl, her name will be Aubree Nichole - Nichole is my middle name, and the "Bree" in Aubree comes from my brother's first and middle name..
Brent Lee... so half (Bre)nt.. half L(ee).. it makes sense to me at least lol! ((:

what about you?!!!
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Awww that's very sweet both names in memory of your brother.  I didn't even think about how to announce what we are having lol my bf and I just told some of our family. That's cute what is guys want to do:)

I don't blame you about taking whatever medicine you can get! It took the pharmacy 5 days to get my prescription in. I was desperate so the really sweet pharmacist gave me the partial prescription to tide me over and I went back the next week to get the rest. I started getting the nausea and dry heaving at5 weeks and the vvomiting came later at about 9 weeks. Now it's a mixture but at least I'm not vomiting 5 or 6 times a day so I'm thankful.  After this last scare I'm actually thinking about quiting my job. Its a high stress job and I'm a 1 man shop so when I miss work I fall seriously behind. But I haven't decided yet.  I'm praying about it.
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oh gosh, what do you do for work??

I thank God every day that even though nausea hit me at week 6 like a ton of bricks, it was gone by weeks 11'ish and I NEVER vomited, ever! which is weird, because I have a pretty weak stomach.. but I'm glad I at least was able to avoid all of that.

& don't you LOVE having a nice, considerate pharmacist?! lol I even told the people at walgreens that I knew that medicine was going to make me so sleepy. they said well.. you can call and ask her for the Zofran? I thought about it for a second, and I asked, "is my prescription ready?" they said yes.. I said forget that, just give it to me!! lol I couldn't wait any longer!!

I hope you're able to make a decision soon about work though, I know it's tough. I'm surprised I haven't gotten fired yet.. hopefully I'll still have a job when I go back.. there's only 3 of us and I just haven't had the strength or will power. I've recently applied for a pharmacy tech. position though I pray I get. I'm a certified x-ray tech., but can't find a job! "/
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OH & thank you regarding the names! lol my brother meant & means the world to me... he keeps me going to this very day!! (((:
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I am with you ladies and wishing for October...hopefully the summer wont be to hot here in central NY. I remember being pregnant in Georgia during the summer with my 18 year old who was born in October. So stay cool OctoberMommy and good luck to you.
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awe, thank you very much! & congratulations to you as well!

it's nothing for it to get up to 115, 120 with the heat index.. so I'm already preparing myself!! my fiancé will be by my side all the way, thank goodness lol

thank you again!!! (((:
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Awww im sorry to hear you are having a hard time finding a job. You will be in my prayers.   I actually got pulled into my bosses office and was told I wasnt performing up to par and my attendance is affecting my performance.  I dont know how much longer I'll have a job as well. Its hard because Ive never gotten a bad feedback.  I came home crying and cried myself to sleep. My bf is being really supportive but I've always worked and have been a hard worker so I'm really struggling.  I have 2 BA degrees and am a training manager. I also have medical billing experience but it was years ago but if I do decide to quit before I get laid off I'm hopefuls I'll be able to fall back on 1 of my experiences.  I always joke I'm a jack of all trades master of none lol. I worked for the military doing labor type work the medical field doing billing and the administrative as training manager.  Only God knows whats in store for me but I really wanna know too lol. I have to remind myself my time is not Gods time.  

Oh btw my baby names are Cataleena Isabella or Alexander Luke. Though my bf and I cant agree on the boy middle name lol. I like Alexander because its a strong name in my opinion and ive always aaid if I have a girl I wanted to name her Cataleena.  Isabella is my bf mom's name :)
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awe, well I'll definitely be praying for you too!! times are just so hard right now, and us mommies trying to do what's best for our babies make it even harder.. I wish they were able to understand something so sensitive!!

I'm also taking medical billing & coding online, and I haven't been able to focus long enough to study or take a quiz since February.. or January?! gosh, I've got to get on top of that too!!! hopefully I'll feel up to par soon enough.. "/

and I LOVE those names!! hopefully you can decide on a middle name for the boy asap!! I haven't even asked, I don't think (excuse my preggo brain), how far along are you???
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Lol no worries I'm 14w 6d.

I actually got my medical billing and coding online too! Lol Im so bad with online though I got extension after extension until I finally completed the course and passed I was actually deployed when did it lol. I wish you luck! You can do it:-)

I wish employers could be more understanding too!  But when it comes dowb to it my final thought is my job is not worth losing my precious miracle.  My baby comes 1st.  Im just hoping I can keep my job!

Thank you for the compliment:) now if only I can get my bf to agree lol
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lol sorry, I have severe preggo brain over here, forgot I was on this website haha!!

anyways -- thank you so much, I need to get back in the habit of studying.. I just got so sick & busy with trying to make sure the baby was doing okay.. it's easy to set ourselves aside!! for a good reason at least.. ((:

hopefully your bf will agree to it soon!! I mean, it may even be a girl after all, so then he won't have to worry about it!! lol
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Yasss S.C. stand up!!! Lol... Hun I'm due in September just started showing a lil through clothes but Im at the weird is she fat or preggers stage because I a lil round pug lol... I am not looking forward to the summer... I do not like the heat at all. I have a feeling I'm going to blow up at the end of May- Mid June... Not looking forward to it but other that my pregnancy is a breeze!
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yes ma'am!!!! you know as well as I do how hot it's going to be then, but I'm sure we'll be fine! my belly is already out there, so who knows what it's gunna look like this summer!!

I'm ready though.. hot or not, I'll have a smile on my face!! ((((:
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Yeah we have no choice but to be!!! All smiles over here too!!! Maxi and sun dresses all summer!!! Along with gatorade and water!!!
7721203 tn?1468443229
yes ma'am!! & watermelon!!! ahhh, I'm going to eat soooo much fruit this summer!! but I'm craving watermelon!! ((:
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