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12 weeks pregnant. Found a swollen red lump with a white tip inside vaginal opening.

So about 2 weeks ago I found what looked like a white cyst on the inside of my vagina. I went to my midwife and she said that it was scarring from my hymen and that it was nothing to worry about. Well since then I’ve noticed that it really swells up and starts to actually pertrude from my vagina slightly. Also it looks more like a cherry with a white tip. It’ll bleed sometimes when I wipe if it’s swollen. It doesn’t hurt or anything, but it’s very concerning to see something like that while pregnant. I don’t have another appointment until the 14th of March, but I’m considering calling to go in earlier. Does anyone know what this could be??
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Are you sure it's not a hemorrhoid? I had some things around that area when pregnant that were like Wowie, not human looking.  One was white, rest were various shades of red and they were hemorrhoids.  Pressure from pregnancy causes it.  But that's just a possible answer and you say this is protruding from your vagina?  Forget the midwife (they are absolutely NOT educated like doctors)--- see the ob/gyn that you go to and get this looked at. good luck and come back and let me know!
It pertrudes from my vagina. So it can’t be a hemorrhoid right?? I thought maybe a cyst or vericose veins, but it’s weird to see a white, chicken skin like spot on top. When it’s not swollen you can’t see it at all, but when it is it’s just not normal looking to me. I changed my next appointment from midwife to OB so they can get a look. I personally love my midwife, but I would rather have a second opinion. My app is the 14th so I’ll let you guys know what the OB says. Thank you so much for your input!
I think that sounds like a great plan.  I agree that it sounds less hemorrhoid like coming out of your vagina and wowie, your depiction of the white, chicken skin on top, lol.  I'm not laughing as that is not funny but I'd want to know what that is too!  Do come back and tell us what the ob says.  I just hadn't heard of scarring from someone's hymen sticking out as you described.  Anyway, woot woot---  you are almost out of your first trimester!!  Yay!  Is this your first baby?
Lol I know it sounds funky, but that’s the only way I can think of how to describe what it looks like. And I know! The midwife said it’s not all that common for scarring to bunch up like that, but that she’s seen some women who have it. This is my first pregnancy and I’m SOOO excited. More so for it to be over with and for baby to be here lol. I’ve been so lucky to not have to deal with the morning sickness that everyone warns about, but this kid is already killing my back lol. Thanks for your advice I’ll let you know what the dr says!
From someone who had a lot of morning sickness, count yourself lucky you don't suffer that!  Sorry about your back though.  Heating pad?  It takes a toll on the body, pregnancy. But such an amazing experience.  Wait until you feel the baby move!  Magical!  
Ok so I told you that I would come back after my appointment and let you know what happened. I saw an OB today and during her intial exam she said that it definitely wasn’t scar tissue, but looked more like inflamed tissue. She said it didn’t look infectious, nor did it look cancerous, but we both agreed that she should do a pap just to be sure. I should know within a week if this is something to be really concerned about. Of course I’m already pretty worried. I don’t think I’ve had any symptoms of CC aside from back pain, but that can be attributed to the pregnancy
Ahh, sorry it's even still there!  (was hoping it cleared up by now).  Try not to worry (easier said than done).  Remember  that our bodies go through so much when pregnant and it will react in ways we don't expect.  Did they consider a Bartholin cyst? There are things too where your walls can get thin and the underlying organ can bump through a bit (like your rectum believe it or not).  But I'm glad you are looking into it and really feel this will be okay.  Let us know what the results are!!!  hugs
Thank you. I had asked about Bartholins cyst and Gartner(sp) cysts, but she didn’t seem to think that’s what it is. She did mention a different kind of cyst that I’ve never heard of and don’t even remember the name of honestly lol, but it has something to do with the way your uterus is tilted. As everything grows and spreads, it can cause rubbing that can create whatever it is she thinks it might be. I’m so glad that I went and got a second opinion though, because apparently the last time I went, I was supposed to get a Pap smear and the midwife didn’t give me one. So I could have known sooner.
Ugh.  sorry they missed the pap smear for you.  That makes sense what you are saying.  The different kind of cyst from the tilted uterus (who knew there were so many types of cysts and they all get their own name, lol).  Let us know what the test results are when they come back.  It sounds like they are telling you to not worry, while it's no fun to have this, it's also not dangerous.  I'm reading between the lines there.  Pregnancy is rough sometimes, for sure!  hugs
So glad you got another opinion- always go with your gut if you feel like you are not getting the right answer from a medical professional!  
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I have to agree with specialmom, sounds kinda like a hemorrhoid possibly.  

I go to a midwife practice and they are awesome- they have caught several things that doctors didn't, so I don't doubt that they can diagnosis something like this- but, not all midwives are going to be that good, and if you aren't getting answers from them that sound right to you- totally feel free to go and get a second opinion from another doctor.  It's your health and you are allowed to get a second opinion on it!  
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