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Anxiety disorder and meds?

Safe meds for anxiety during pregnancy?

I have severe anxiety disorder with PTSD and over the years I have tried many non-med therapies, techniques and meds and the only thing that works is xanax.... Last time I was pregnant my doc gave me hydroxyzine but my first time taking them, my face, hands, and tongue went numb and I thought I was about to black out then I went home and was in an induced sleep that felt like anesthesia for 16 hours... So I decided to just take nothing and I was in a living hell, a couple of months later I had fetal demise inutero...
I'm 5 weeks now. What to do? I also need a med that I can function on so I can work and attend classes..and chase kids :) without harming my little fetus.
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The meds they gave you did the same to me. I was breastfeeding my youngest when they gave it to me and it almost killed my newborn. She went into a deep sleep and had some breathing issues we could not wake her for like 12-16 hrs. I was scared to take any of that funny medication while pregnant. I knew people who had completely healthy babies on xanax. I had some stashed in my cabinet from me when I was a teenager and used those to control the attacks this time. I broke them up so it would be a very low dose and only took half every 6-8 hours or just once a day if that was all I needed. I only take when the anxiety get so bad that I need to go to er. They say it is not safe because it has not been tested during pregnancy, they use the info they have on valium to decide the xanax are not safe because they are in the same drug class. If you have taken them both you know yourself they are actually very different. While breastfeeding the info is the same but valium taken while breastfeeding made my baby sleep deeply and have episodes of apnea which is definitely not safe but xanax never seemed to bother her. I save all unused medicine in my medicine cabinet just incase I need it. I get prescriptions for the same stuff and I have a co pay so the pharmacy maybe closed or I may not have the cash the day I get the prescription, I may have what I need already till I can get the new one filled.
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I've been on 75mg seroquel and 4mg valium my whole pregnancy I'm 28+4 and bubs is fine and I can function. I was on these meds prior to pregnancy just a much higher dose. Best to speak to your psychiatrist and midwives/ docs and they can find the safest meds for you. Good luck I understand how hard it is battling such disorders without meds or worrying your going to harm bubs
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I am on a super low dosage of Zoloft. I was told by my doctor that it was the safest option for me, being pregnant and all. I am 33 weeks pregnant and so far so good. But I am sure different things work for different people.
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Ask your doctor to prescribe u a better antianxiety medication for pregnancy. But as much as you can handle it, why not try yoga, or get a prenatal massage. :)
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Thanks, ladies :)
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