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Anyone else Become Lactose Intolerant during Pregnancy?

First I want to say THANK YOU for this webstite. It helped me out a lot in the past year. I have found everyone's information VERY useful.

Before I got pregnant, I could drink milk and eat cheese just fine. Never was lactose intolerant. Now that I am about 7 weeks along, it seems like my stomach can't handle the milk or something because I get a upset stomach and (tmi)slight diarrhea everything I drink milk. I don't know if maybe the baby is Lactose Intolerant because my husband is slightly (just gets gassy and slight upset stomach after he drinks or eats to much dairy) or if it is just because I am pregnant or even in my head....lol.

Thank you for your responses!! :)
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I did not have any problem digesting milk earlier, but now that I am carrying I find, milk doesn't sit well with my tummy.
I do get light stomach upset and uncomforatble in the tummy.
Try yoghurt, I have substituted milk with youghurt now and it even helps my once in a while indigestion and acidity.
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i think it might be more of food tolerance. most pregnant women get weird cravings as well as food that does the exact oposite. cheese seems to be one for a lot of preggies, including me. im 13 weeks and i cant eat cheese since about 7 weeks. i tried to eat grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch the other day but it just came back up. gross. hopefully it goes away!

what are your symptoms? if its just naseau with puking, then my guess is just food intolerance. if its heartburn, diahrea, etc. then i would guess its lactose intolerant.

i would ask a dr. to be sure.
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I am 38 weeks pregnant, and have found during this last trimester only that i have developed a horrible reaction to milk and cheese. After ingesting either, I get awful pains in my stomach followed by being stranded on the toilet for an hour with a bucket to my face. My doctor recommended taking tums for extra calcium as well as helping with the acid reflux. Gotta love it :D
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Since about 4 months into my pregnancy, I have gotten terrible stabbing gas pains from dairy (or at least I think it is from dairy).  Sometimes they last for hours and hours.  Lactase pills do not seem to help at all.  I was very reticent to eliminate all dairy from my diet, as I love most diary products, so I tried the pills first.  However, the pains in my intestines (not stomach)  are quite debilitating. I will try to post back when I have been off diary completely for a few days and let folks knwo how I make out.  I am also seeing my allergist next week for an LI test.  But some other reading I have done suggests that this is not true lactose intolerance, more of a pregnancy side effect....this makes sense as the lactase pills did not help...so maybe test will be negative.  We'll see.
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I thought this was just me!  I have been meaning to get on here and ask... Actually, my lactose intolerance didn't arrive until AFTER I gave birth.  It has me sooooo bummed.  I am a milk drinker and a lover of cheese.  I have had to totally rearrange my diet.  I have to cook separately for my husband and myself.  I have to order my favorite dishes with out sour cream (which I love) or cheese (which I love more) when we are at restaurants!  It just absolutely KILLS my stomach.  I didn't even know they could test for this?  Is there medication? Should I contact my doctor?  I want to eat like a normal person again!  I've even switched to soy milk and lactaid... neither of which I love!
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This is exactly what I was looking for.  I've never been lactose intolerant.  I'm 5 weeks pregnant, and I'm having stabbing pains, major gas, and diareha!!!  I don't normally drink much milk, maybe a glass or two a week, now I'm drinking two tall glasses a day.  I don't know if it's because I'm injusting so much more now, or if it has anything to do with the pregnancy.  It's so annoying though!!!  I don't want to give up dairy.  If I deal with the pain and keep eating it, will my body adjust???
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I am wondering the same thing!  I am 6 weeks along and getting these horrible, cramping pains in my lower stomach.  I've never had a problem with dairy before (I live in Wisconsin, I know how to enjoy dairy!) but it just started this week.  The pains are so bad that I just want to curl up in a ball!  Is this what Lactose Intolerance feels like or could it be something else?
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I too have had lots of gas, nausea, and (tmi) diarrhea with cramping everytime I eat anything with dairy in it. I'm sixteen weeks along and never had any problems before my pregnancy with dairy. I really do think that it is associated with that, because I have made a point not to eat it and then I'll have to have some ice cream or a glass of milk and be on the toilet right afterwards. If you're worried about the cramping, because it's hard to distinguish gas and intestinal cramping with menstrual-like cramping, I would talk to your doctor about it. I also had menstrual-like cramping for the first 2 months of my pregnancy and the doctor said it was my uterus stretching. He said unless there was bleeding associated with it, I was ok.
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Seven weeks pregnant and terrible stomach cramping is exactly my problem!  I am going to try eliminating dairy from my diet for the next few days and I'll check back in to let everyone know if it's working!  I'll also ask my doctor at my appointment this week...hopefully we'll get answers!  FYI...exercise or a heating pad on my upper stomach are two things I've found to help when I feel crampy!  Give it a try...not a cure, but temporary relief!
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I just found out about a week and half ago i am pregnant. I am about 6 weeks and have been having problems with Ice cream, cheese and some other type of foods. I tryed eating pizza and that didnt sit so well. I ate ice cream yesterday, and had to have my husband pull the car over so I could puke it all back up. Have never had any problems with ice cream! I have been having stomach cramps(minor ones) from eating some things, and dont know what I can do to get rid of it. I have been having diarrhea on and off for some days now and its kind of wearing me out. Ive never been lactose intolerant so I dont exactly know what to expect, but if anyone has any other good suggestions please let me know so I can stay on the healthy chart of the pregnancy seeing this is my first one. Thank you
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I too am having issues with dairy.  I am 6 weeks pregnant and love dairy of all sorts so this kind of ***** for me.  I throw up every morning that I eat cereal.  I also get very flemish after eating any type of dairy like cheese or yogurt.  This was not a problem with my first pregnancy and I am not sure if it is dairy intolerance or just morning sickness.  I'm gonna try to stay away for dairy for a few days and see how that goes.
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Thank you so much for asking this question and to everyone who answered it...I just started experiencing this myself and have the same symptoms you have.  The past 2 times I've had something with milk in it (the first being cereal and the latest, augratin potatoes), I've had horrible stomach pains and (tmi) slight diarrhea as well.  Does anyone that has been affected by this have it happen with yogurt and cheese too?  Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks
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I have a 5 month old, my first, and I also am realizing that I seem to have developed a lactose intolerance.  I have never had any problems before I had my daughter, and I absolutely LOVE dairy.  I had been trying to figure out why I was having abdominal cramping and gas, and as soon as I didn't eat any dairy for a day, it was completely gone.  I tried to find anything about post partum LI, but I haven't found much.  I hope it's one of those weird pregnancy/pp things that clears up.  I'd hate to not be able to have dairy for the rest of my life!
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I was Lactose Intolerant before I became pregnant the first time, now I'm just fine!  

I'd say, that a lot of the symptoms you can get from being Lactose Intolerant are normal for many pregnancies, that maybe you aren't really Lactose Intolerant and it's just the symptoms?  

It sounds more like food Food Aversion and morning sickness to me!
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A few months before my 2nd pregnancy I went to Guatemala, got a bacterial infection and took ciprofloxacin.  (It's the same stuff they give you if you come in contact with Anthrax!)  My stomache was a mess!  When I got pregnant a couple of months later and was craving milk - I was getting sicker and sicker.  The lactose intollerance got a little better after the pregnancy but did not go away.  That was 7 years ago.  

Over the years I've found that I can eat some dairy - usually at dinner after eating a dairy free breakfast and lunch.

I'm pregnant again and my intollerance is out of control.  I'm eating so little (lost around 13 lbs in my first trimester) that I can't eat ANY dairy.  I just started taking children's chewable calcium suppliments (that and flintstones, I can't tolerate the regular prenatals)  I'm hoping that helps.  I've also been trying a probiotic as I think perhaps my intolerance is due to an imbalance on my intestinal flora and fauna due to the strong antibiotics.
Perhaps, also, when I start actually EATING I can resume my evening dairy consumption.
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Hi All-
I am lactose intolerant and have been for 3 years. To test yourself for real lactose intolerance, go one day with NO dairy- I mean, read every label, scour for milk/whey/cheese/buttermilk/"flavorings"- they put lactose in everything these days, as it is a cheap way to add flavor. The next day, drink a glass of milk and wait. You will know within two hours if it is lactose. There is no mistaking real lactose intolerance because the pain is AWFUL. Yes, that includes horrid diarreah, farting like a brute, and curling up in a ball to whimper. Sometimes even vomiting. Your intestines will make noises and you might think an alien is going to pop from your gut.
On the bright side- most pregnant women (myself included) can tolerate dairy MORE SO while expecting, as digestion slows, giving the dairy time to digest. Yogurt is OK for me- the acidopholus helps break apart the lactose (frozen or non-active yogurt is NOT OK). A tiny bit of hard cheese is OK. I can enjoy most dairy as long as I take Lactase enzyme pills (lactaid)- ie a dollop of sour cream or pizza, but I would never risk drinking straight milk, even with the enzyme. Not worth the risk involved (especially when you won't be absorbing all those good nutrients for baby- just pooing them out!).
It is possible to have started a milk allergy of some kind- seems like allergies and sensitivities are worse in preg-time. Or maybe it's just morning sickness (fingers crossed for ya).
Lactose intolerance is a pain, but certainly livable compared to other problems in this world! Best of luck!
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I have had this same problem and went to the pharmacist tonight.  I told her that I was very newly pregnant and was having issues with Dairy.  She told me that this was common and to stay away from dairy all together and not try to take the lactade medicine.  She also said that if I were to continue to eat dairy, the child could develop problems.  
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I am 37 weeks pregnant, and as a life long habbit drink almost a gallon of milk every day. About 3 weeks ago I was admitted to the hospital for intense stomach pain, vomiting, and painful contractions. I had no idea why this was happening to me. It turned out that I'd gone about 3 days without milk, and having some with my morning cereal triggered these symptoms (which I discovered a few days later when the same thing happened again about half way through my breakfast). The pain was unbearable! My Dr said I could have developed a sensitivity to milk, but she did not seem convinced, and put me on bedrest and told me to avoid milk. Well, 5 days ago I made ham, egg, and cheese bagels that I had NO PROBLEM eating, but I ate one yesterday, and ended up in excruciating pain, projectile vomiting and having sharp, close together contractions. I was sent to the hospital, again! After they flushed out my system I was ordered to not eat any kind of dairy for at least the rest of my pregnancy.

What is happening to me?!?
It was so painful!
Will this go away?
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During the beginning of my first pregnancy i was fine. Bout halfway in anytime i drank milk i would feel terrible, gassy in pain got the bubbles pretty much. After i had her i was fine :) then with this second baby(completly different dad and everything) im getting the same thing, early on though. I just a cup of milk nd boy oh boy do i regret it. Is this just something that develops with pregnancy? Cuz my daughters tummy cant handle regular formula. She has to be on a one called fussiness and gas for lactose sensitivity, will my second one be subject to the same even though its different fathers but same symptoms?
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My name is Jasmine.
I'm about 8 weeks along and I just ate pizza a few hours ago. Now I have terrible cramping and diarrhea. What's wrong with me? I usually have no problem with dairy foods and this didn't happen during my first pregnancy any advice?
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Hi ladies,
I got lactose intolerant right after our daughter was born (16 months ago).  I looooove dairy products, milk, cheese, yogurt, you name it.  Approx 2 hrs after eating, I would be in the bathroom up to 4 times in a row.  And this would be almost every day.
Wasn't sure if that's what my issue was, or if I had an infection.
Was at the pharmacy 3 days ago, found these dairy digestive pills.  They contain emzymes that lactose-intolerant people are missing.  I took one right away (I was feeling the onset of my illness), and that fixed it completely.
Have since been taking one before eating dairy, and have had zero problems since.  If your drug store has them, they might be worth a try for you, too.
(Mine were store brand, 100 pills for $13.  Low cost when you consider the inconvenient alternatives.)
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Since I was about 4 weeks pregnant, I was having stabbing pains in my stomach, intestines and what i thought was heartburn. (All of the same symptoms everyone else is describing. At about 8 weeks, I figured out it could be lactose intolerance ,so i went online of course and found out that all of my symptoms were there. I cut out milk and icecream first and tried just yogurt..didn't work. I ended up cutting out milk, yogurt, and ice cream and drink a glass of lactaid with chocolate in it (only way I can stand it) instead. I have been great ever since. Luckily, cheese hasn't been too bad, as long as I take it easy on the amount. My question now is, however, is my baby going to be lactose intolerant and will I still be able to breast feed? I have really been looking forward to breastfeeding this one (my first two did not) and if I can't, I'm pretty sure my heart will break and...the added expense of formula..YIKES!!
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Im 27 weeks and over the past month or so i think a have developed a lactose intolerance. the thing that gets me is that i can eat cheese, or ice cream and be just fine but if i drink milk, im in the bathroom all day and i feel sick to my stomach!!!
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I developed a total milk allergy after my daughter (2nd child) was born in 09. I now have to carry an epi-pen and cannot even have milk products touch my skin without getting a rash. I have been to the ER for my anaphalyxis! Please be careful with dairy if you suspect tgat may be a problem. I had symptoms of intolerance while preg w/my first child and they have gptten worse with time. There has to be some connection!
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