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Baby suspected of Down syndrome

Hi I'm 28 years old and 23 weeks pregnant
I went for my 20 week ultrasound and thy suspect
My baby might have Down syndrome my chances
Are 1/167 is that a good number that my baby
might not Have Down syndrome ? I opted out
Test can it can cause miscarriage
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Happened to my friend, baby turned out fine. I wouldn't stress it.
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I'm not sure what your chances are, but IF the baby does have D.S. , the health outlook and life expectancy is GOOD :) wish you all the best!
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That is very good chances for your baby to not have downs, many tests come back with 1\8 chance and still the baby is fine so please dont stress. Those tests can be very missleading.
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In the UK anything more than 1/150 is a low risk. They don't even offer any further testing. So i would say you are low risk. And you are right to opt out amnio as risk of miscarriage is 1/100 so risk to loose a healthy baby is higher than have a baby with downs.
Good luck x
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I have a son with down syndrome and he is healthy overall. Anyway, ask your on to run the new T-21 blood test that will give you a definite answer. It's just a simple blood draw to you. Good luck!
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My odds were 1/280. I live in California and my Dr said anything around 1/200 is basically clear! Either way I wouldn't stress from what I hear babies always come out fine and healthy. I also refused the test. I was stressed enough as it is.
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These tests have very high false +.  I wouldn't worry.
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My sister in law waz told the same thing amd had many ultrasounds to keep am eye on the baby and he came out fine! No ds. i hate those tests and they r very misleading. i wouldn't even worry at all about it
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get the t-21 harmony test. with my first test they said 1/251 increased risk I have the t-21 harmony test next and the called last week and said very low risk of birth defects. Even so, If God wants you to have a special needs child there is a reason. He may know your strong enough to handle it, that's what I told my self after the first testing that came back increased risk.

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