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C-Section scheduled - mixed emotions. :(


I have so many emotions and thoughts running through me right now that I'm having a hard time getting my head clear.

I saw my OB today at 37w 2d. We scheduled a c-section for 39 weeks - Sept 24 - because the baby is breech and I'm high risk. I have been trying various methods at home to get the baby to turn head down for weeks now, but so far no luck. My doctor initially thought I might be a candidate for an ECV, which I wasn't thrilled about (afraid it'd hurt the baby), but today he completely ruled it out. The baby is measuring big, my 3 year old was a big baby (9lbs 10oz at 36w 3d) and he doesn't think I have enough amniotic fluid to attempt an ECV and be successful - especially without causing me too much pain. I told my Doctor that I think I'd like to try the ECV anyways because I'm not concerned about my pain but I'm terrified of the c-section. He thought doing a dry run of the procedure might ease my mind. He ended up putting a small amount of pressure on the top of my abdomen and the pain was pretty intense. He said that confirmed his thoughts that I am not a candidate for the ECV. He will do an ultra sound on me on 9/24 to confirm the baby's position - if the baby is head down, he will induce; but if the baby is still breech, he will move forward with the c-section.

I'm so flipping nervous and stressed about having a c-section as well as the recovery (I'm a diabetic which means the recovery could take MONTHS and there could be complications with the recovery). I know that I shouldn't worry about what could be, but I have a 3 year old and I'm a stay at home mom - most everyone I know works and the one parent I have locally is disabled and showing signs of dementia (she's not allowed to be alone with my 3 year old let alone have her in my house caring for me, the new baby and my 3 year old - scares the crap out of me just thinking about it). And it's not like we can afford to pay for help - this pregnancy is costing us all our savings (it's taken MANY years to save what we have) thanks to new health care nonsense and my husband is going from an hourly to salary position in October (which means he's losing a big chunk of pay - about the cost of new car which means I may have to get a night job in the near future just so we can keep our house - but he'll still make too much for anyone to give us a break). So, I'm stressing BIG TIME about how I'm going to manage everything without any recovery complications.

Also, I'm freaking out about the idea of my baby being cut out of me instead of giving birth - that's what the idea of a C-section is to me. The thought of not being able to give birth to my baby brings me to massive tears. I just feel so depressed, hopeless, anxious, nervous and scared. Plus some other emotions that I can't quite think of the names ;/.

Please don't get me wrong, I look forward to meeting our new bundle of joy. I trust my doctor and I ultimately want what's best for the health of our baby. I'm just having a very difficult time with the whole c-section thing.

If anyone has any positive stories or feedback to share, that might help ease my mind a bit.
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*hug* I hope your little girl turns for you. I'm a ftm so I cant really share any tips or positive stories, just wanted to let you know I feel for you. Wishing you lots and lots of luck
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Due to medical reasons I had to have a c-section at 17, I freaked out at first but once it was done it took seven minutes for him to come out and me be stitched up, I was up and walking around the hospital five hours after the surgery like nothing ever happened.. all the females in my family deliver c-section due to medical reasons so I had a lot of reassurance that it woukdnt be as bad as I was thinking and sure enough it wasn't bad.. I'm due Feb 22 and will be having another c-section and I'm actually looking forward to it . Just knowing what day she's coming and it all being planned is a great thing to me because I have anxiety about stuff that I cant plan or that I don't know what's going on lol so c-section is very good for me :) good luck hun and make sure to let us know how it goes :)
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I'm having my 3rd c-section at the end of January, I won't know the exact date until my next appointment. Even though I know what to expect the thought of another surgery scares me, I had my first at 17, and second at 19, and ill be 26 when I have this one. It's not as bad as you think you will need to rest and they will give you pain killers to get you through the first week or 2 that's the roughest part is probably the first 2 weeks bc your in pain and not moving around very well then adjusting to a new baby. Be positive, and do some research about turning the baby. I think I read on a post that maybe a chiropractor has methods to turn a baby.
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