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HELLO 3rd trimester - 27 weeks!!! ❤ what week are you on?!!!

wow, just WOW!!! for some reason, despite all the faith I have in God, I just didn't think I'd make it this far. it all just seemed TOO good to be true.. to be blessed enough to have been given the opportunity to become a mother. WOW!

in 13 short weeks (or less according to my OB) we'll be meeting our sweet, healthy, super active baby boy! my ribs & my back hurt, heartburn is something unreal, I'm sick of wearing a panty liner every day, there's numerous things I wish I could do again, BUT... watching our baby boy roll around in my belly, kick, punch, etc. is the most amazing feeling ever. I couldn't imagine my life without him already!!!

so, with that being said.. I'm being oh so patient, but I can't wait until Oct. 24th.. or before! hopefully he'll at least stay in my belly until the baby shower on Oct. 4th!

OH, and I've finally ordered THE most perfect diaper bag I've been drooling over for weeks today.. praying it gets here soon!!!! the Skip Hop Duo (French Stripe) Special Edition - ahhh, I can't wait to pack our bags for the hospital!

keep us in your prayers.. 3-hour glucose test on August 7th!
we love you ladies!!!! (((: ❤
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I'm 28 weeks so only 12 more weeks to go till I meet my handsome s
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I'm week 24 now so not far behind you :)
and just like you said, can't imagine life without (in my case) her <3
I still have so many things to buy, but it's slowly getting there :)
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Sorry it posted before I could finish...

Only 12 weeks till I meet my handsome son! <3 good luck on your 3 hour GD test! I feel the same as you do about making it this far but we are both truly blessed..so congrats to us both on our precious little miracle babies :) welcome to 3rd trimester mama :)
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@mrscollins23: awwwe, yayyyy! how'd your glucose test go, or have you taken it yet???
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@dandi2014: you're not far behind me at all!!! 24 weeks (on 4th of July morning) I felt my first Braxton Hicks! feels like yesterday.. lol! ((:
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We made 22 weeks today!! Can't wait to meet our Lil girl!!
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Congrats!!! Isnt it crazy how fast time flies? I'll be 31 weeks tomorrow. Im so excited to see my baby boy but yet so scared for child birth.
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I had my GD test on the 22nd and I passed with a 94 I believe it what they said. My iron levels also look good but they told me to start taking flinstones with iron just to be on the safe side. My weight is kinda a issue I've gained about 39 pounds :( hopefully I won't gain anymore.
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My mother in law says I'm all baby though so idk it's crazy bc the maternity jeans I bought about 2 months ago still fit the same but yet I've gained 20 pounds since buying them. But as long as my baby is healthy and gets here safe and sound it'll be alright! :)
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@aaronsboo: congratulations!!! so exciting!

@Farah_Remo: it's SUPER crazy how quickly it goes by!!! I'm totally nervous about labor & stuff too, but all I can do is pray.. I try not to stress too, too much.. but it's definitely hard to not think about.. A LOT! lol "/ we'll both be perfectly fine I'm sure!

@mrscollins23: oh wow, well congrats on passing! I was super disappointed about failing.. even my OB was shocked that I failed.. praying things go better for the 3-hour! at least the flinstones are yummy!! lol - I take the gummy vitamin from walmart! I hope you're able to maintain your weight.. I'm sure everything will be fine! (((:
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Amen to that!!! 25 weeks close enough lol...god bless everyone and their angels
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Thanks :) yeah I was taking the gummys from walmart too and just had bought a brand new bottle a few days before my ob appointment so now I take my gummys one day and flinstones the next and just basically rotate them. I'm sure you'll do fine on your 3 hour test! :)
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Made 37 weeks today! Finally I'm close enough to relax. Can't wait to meet my little prince. Good luck on your journey,  and you guys will be in my prayers.
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Twenty eight weeks today so only about a week ahead of you. I have my gd test on Monday. Hoping for the best! I passed with flying colors my last pregnancy but my mom had gd pregnant with me and my sis had it for both of her pregnancies.
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oh wow Braxtion hicks! Should be interesting! :)
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Congratulations I will be entering week 35 in a hour and a half and I can't wait for my csection on August 25th :)
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I'm due October 24th also =) I can't wait to meet my second baby boy.  And to see how my son does as a big brother. He'll be 5 this year in November.
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35 tomorrow!  
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WOW, I can't believe how far along everyone is now.. I remember joining this app/website & thinking our time would never come!! lol

congrats to everyone, I can't believe we're becoming ftm, 2nd time mommies, etc.!!!
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Congratulations!!!!  I'm only 3 weeks away to enter my 3rd trimester
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@ross1112: thank you, and congratulations to you too!!! our baby boy has been so active today.. I'm exhausted! lol hopefully I'll have a new pic up tomorrow though! ((:
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As of Tuesday I will have 10 weeks to go and I'm at the freaking out a bit stage! I am so excited to meet my little prince but there's still so much to do. Congrats mama!
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I will be 27 weeks tomorrow due October 25th can't wait to meet my king...Good luck on your glucose test I take my 2hour glucose test July 30
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@Smattos1021: congrats!!!! & I know what you mean.. as soon as I realized I was in the LAST trimester, I told my fiancé... "do you realize there's no more trimesters.. like, this is it. the last one. no more. O M G!!!" LOL!! it does feel like time is ticking & we have deadlines.. geez!! slowly but surely though! ((:

@dishae: thank you!! & congrats to you too!! good luck on your test as well.. I didn't know they did 2-hour tests?!
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