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Low back ache in early pregnancy

Is it normal to have a lower backache in very early pregnancy?  I have heard mixed things and was wondering what experiences you had with it.  I had a miscarriage in June and while I was having it, I did have a lower back ache.  I just found out I was pregnant today and my lower back is aching, although I don't have any other negative symptoms.  I guess I am just very nervous this time around.
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I guess you just have to wait and see. If there is any bleeding that accompanies the pain then you can start to worry, but otherwise backache can be quite normal in some pregnancies. Good luck!
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I'm right there with you.  I had a miscarriage a year ago and am now (finally) pregnant again.  I have had lots of bad lower back pain and some mild cramping also.  I read that the hormones in early pregnancy cause the discs in your back to soften up, thus causing lower back pain.  And my doctor said that cramping is almost a given in early pregnancy, especially if it's not your first.

Being pregnant after a miscarriage is wonderful and exciting, but so scary at the same time.  I have an ultrasound tomorrow in which I'm supposed to be able to see a heartbeat.  I believe in my heart that we'll see it, but after having a miscarriage, there's this small part of me that doubts.

As for freaking out over every little twinge or pain, I finally made a rule for myself that I can't panic unless I see blood.  (And even if that DOES happen, that doesn't necessarily mean this isn't a viable pregnancy.)  Anyway, I wouldn't worry about the back pain.  Another thing that finally made me feel better is a phrase from "What to Expect."  It says, "Unless the pain is constant, severe, or accompanied by bleeding, there's most likely no cause for concern."
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Everyone is different.  I too had lower back ache in 2 pregnancies this year and unfortunately both ended in m/c.

I don't remember any back pain and cramping in my healthy pregnancy 2 years ago so I knew something was wrong.

I lost the babies after days of back pain followed by a 'late period' which was an actual m/c.  6 days after my AF was due I started bleeding.

I pray that is not the case for you...GOD BLESS YOU AND MAY GOD WATCH OVER YOUR BABY.
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I am 17 weeks pregnant and started having back ache from bout 7-8 weeks onwards. I have never had bleeding. I read that the hormone 'relaxin' softens the joints in your pelvis to ready your body for the labour. Mine gets aggravated by standing too long and straining, but i definatly have a sore back pretty much everyday and all my ultrasounds are fine. I think you'll be ok. I know its worrying when you've had m/c before. Good luck.
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Hi im new to this.
Well for the last 2 years me and my partner have been trying for a baby but upto now nothing, i lost a baby back when i was 16 wich resulted in having a D&C, i used to suffer from irregular periods but for the last 7 months or so my periods have been regualr and i have a 28 - 30 day cycle, anyway i am 9 days late today i was due to have my period on the 6th November and on that day i got the cramping that i normally get when i am going to start my period but not as painful so i thought that my period was here but im now 9 days late and still no period im sill getting a mild cramping pain but no sign of my period just yet i also look and feel really bloated.
i would rally appreciate any advice thanks.

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Ive been trying to research on the early stages & symtoms of pregnacy it seems as if sites like this 1 is full of questions from desperate women trying to get pregnant my partner & i have been trying for 6 months for a 2nd child whom is now 7yrs so we think its time but not fustrated with trying just yet but i am wanting answers as to whats happening i have been montoring my cycles which are between 28-30 days long i am over due by a day today and have had lower back pains for 2 days i used to have back pain before my periods when i was on the pill but for the last 6 months only had cramps on the day of starting my period i done a test which was negative i keep my breast now and again feel tender but im starting to wounder if its wanting to be pregnant makes you imagine these symtoms i don't want to be kidding my self and know it can take a while IS THERE ANYONE WHO HAS HAD BACK ACHE AT THIS STAGE & FOUND TO BE PREGNANT?
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just relised the dates on this messages where ages ago so a won;t expect any answers just yet could be preggo by then?????????
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i would wait a couple days and take another test. Some women just dont produce the hormone as fast as others. i actually had a friend that with her second child (has 5 and this is the only one this happen with) her hpt showed negative till almost 20 weeks!!
do you feel like your pg? i had a "sixth sense" with dd. i just knew...
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im 15 weeks pregnant and have been in pain pretty much from the beginning, some days my lower back and groin area are in so much pain it brings me to tears and to bed. I have had 2 m\c in the past and have been extremely worried throughout this one, especially as time goes on and i have seen pictures of my baby and a little heart beat. my consultant has told me not to worry as the scan showed the baby was normal(easier said than done). I find that the medical "help"  i have recieved is terrible, you feel like you are just a number. I havent seen the same midmife twice, the GP says you need to tell the midwife, the midwife says you need to see the doctor, The consultant never wants to see me and didnt even know what a osteopath was when i mentioned whether it would help. Also when i asked if my previous bloods were ok, he said he did`nt know and would look them up. Should`nt they have all this imformation on them, give us some confidence please. Know wonder we have to turn to the internet for help or to frighten us half to death!. The service we get is ok for straight forward pregnancies, but for people who have had problems in the past or are struggling with a pregnancy there should be more help out there.

Sorry for my moan, but it has made me feel a little better. Anyone having similar pain it would be great to hear.
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I have had three miscarriages after my daughter was born.  I am about 5 days late.  I have had "twinges" in my stomach and lower dull backpain.  NO spotting.  I took a pregnancy test but it came back negative??? Could it be another non viable pregnancy taking longer to expel.  My last one it took almost a 5 days before it expelled
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I had a son 10 years ago .about a year ago left my abusive husband and met someone els got preg right away .But something didn't feel right lots of lower side pain that I never felt with my first chil ended up in miscarage at 12 weeks it was a undeveloped preg that just stopped growing one day,since then trying to conceive for 4 months never had a hard time conceiving befor I finally think I might be preg five days late and experiencing lower back pain and side ack all ready is that normal?
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