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Past due date 41+3

My Baby doesnt want to come... Any advise what i could do?

I tryed everything... The baby is still active and has enough amniotic fluid...  
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If at all posibke, have sex...sperm actually helps bring on labor. I was told by my dic to have sex and i did with my first and went right into labor. Had baby next day! Good luck!
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Some women actually go to 42 weeks . I think I'm going to be the same way . I was over due with my first , never went into labor or had signs of it and ended up having to have a c-section  . And now I'm 38 weeks and no signs of labor still .
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Red raspberry leaf tea. Get it fresh from an organic store. Maybe trader joes?... Google "red raspberry leaf tea for labor" ;) I started drinking the tea and on the 3rd day I went into labor.. on my due date. Good luck and I wish you a fast and easy labor! <3
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I heard eating fresh pineapples work!
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My brother was born at 43! If amniotic fluid is OK and so it is the baby, let nature go on. The process is started by the baby, no matter what you do. It seems your baby is not ready yet (maybe s/he has been listening the news. What a world to livevin!)
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13 days after due day.... I had only 1 3/4 hours contractions... That was so quick
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Have you tried castor oil?? I used it with my 5th baby. Get a maccas thick shake, drink half of it then tip the oil in and mix. Skull that.
I did it at 5pm. 6pm to 7pm I was emptying my bowel, 9pm I was in labour. 3.25am he was born.
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I'm pregnant with baby six. They do come when they come. I've had 38 weeks, 41.3, 40.3, 39.1, 42.
The last one hunby did a stretch and sweep right before sex too
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I went to 41+1 with my first and ended up with a section due to reduced movement, as long as baby movement is still normal u could hold out and ask for a sweep next time your in
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I'm 38 weeks today. I get induced in 7 more days. My Dr. Induce you at 39 weeks if all is well. Totally your choice. No complications or anything. Good luck you all!
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