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QUESTION: Children's Sudafed..??

I don't like taking medicine, especially not being pregnant, and I don't WANT to take it now.. but I'm miserable. my nose is stuffy & runny, my chest is congested, my throat is full of mucous too, NO fever, but I just need something to hold me over the weekend.. if I'm not better by monday I'm just going to the doctor.

anyway, I'm 29w1d -- my list of safe medications clearly indicates that I can take Sudafed, BUT.. I can't/won't/don't swallow pills. I went to Walgreens & the pharmacist, great help by the way (sarcasm included), said children's sudafed would work just as good.. so I got "Children's Sudafed: Nasal Decongestant" -- I followed the instructions for the oldest age on there, which is from ages 6-11, and I took 2 tsp.

does ANYONE know if this is going to do any good? I've been suffering for the past couple of days, and I even feel like my baby boy isn't moving like his usual self. I have a friend who is a nurse who says me being sick doesn't affect him, but it's such a coincidence that as SOON as I get sick.. he doesn't move as much. I do NOT have a fever, so technically there's nothing "wrong" that could be affecting him, nothing has changed as far as my habits, maybe I'm not eating & drinking as much?.. I'm just freaking out..

ugh, I'm just a mess.. somebody, anybody?!
thank you so much.. keep us in your prayers. ❤
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p.s. I've been drinking a lot of water & apple juice. again, he's been moving, just not as active as he's been the past few days. he's been moving SO much I've been recording him.. just hasn't been the same the past 2 days since I started feeling so bad..
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I'd give your dr a call about the decreased movements and ask about you can take. I mentioned to mine I was going to take a sudafed after my appointment for my cold and he said I absolutely can not take that due to me high blood pressure.
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@mummainoz: well, the office is closed today, it being the weekend, but the family friend/nurse that I talked to went to the same office & she said the sudafed was fine. my blood pressure has been great.. around 100/70'ish.. (I'm just really petite, so it's always low).

I literally just felt him kick, but I think I'm just being paranoid.. I mean, I'm sure he gets tired too, but if things aren't back to his "normal" in my opinion, then my fiancé will definitely be taking me to labor & delivery - I'm not going to chance his life at all.

thank you so much!
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I would double the biggest dose because its for a 12 yr old and it usually works for me. I don't like medicine and kids taste better lol
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@jennyonnumber3: the kid's does taste a lot better lol - I choked on a pill once & it was the worst experience ever.. I'll never take another pill, unless I can chew it safely! haha
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UPDATE: I called my OB's office, 24-hour answering service called my OB, and he said Children's Sudafed was perfectly fine to take.. whew!! now I feel a lot better about that, as far as the movement goes.. I keep hearing the same thing.

he gets tired just like us, as long as he's moving he's okay, ugh.. I guess I'm just used to him moving a lot more. I'm sure he's probably growing, tired, in a different position, etc. but still.. if I don't feel 100% soon I'll just go into labor & delivery. he's kicking though! (((:
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