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Starting to get nervous about giving birth.

Hey all,

So the closer I get to my due date, the more worried I get.
This is my first baby and I'm sure most women probably feel the way I do... I just want to talk about it. My husband doesn't understand and seems to shrug it off when I have talked to him about it so that *****.
Firstly, I want to try my hardest to give birth without an epidural or any medication. I am not completely closed minded to it, if it gets to a point where I can't handle the pain I will take medication for it. I know I won't be able to tell until the time comes. It's just a little scary when all you hear are stories of how bad it hurts. Of course I am expecting it to hurt, sometimes the stories are just insane. Then again all women experience it differently so. Who knows.
Also, I just have a fear that something terrible will go wrong. It's bad that I keep focusing on this but I literally have the worst luck in everything else in my life so I just assume something will happen "just because" it's me and I always get the ****** end of the stick.
Another thing, my doctor gave me a big risk of my child having down syndrome or another form of a trisomy. I decided not to get any tests done to tell if it is for sure because I was already about 20 weeks when I found out, as well as I wouldn't have done anything about it anyway. I will love my son no matter what but honestly, my whole pregnancy and even the birth has been ruined for me with that news and I hate it. I can't help but wonder about it every day.
Anyway, if anyone has any stories of their own dealing with fears and trying to stay positive, i'd like to read them. I know I'm not in this alone.
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This is my 2nd and im so nervous. Think because I know the pain and theres no way of escaping it! I was induced with my daughter and so the pain was more intense. I am trying to go for a water  birth this time heard its very good. The thing that made and makes me feel better was that us women have given birth for years.  It will be the best day of your life and you will get to hold your baby at the end of it. Plus you will be getting your body back. If you really want the epidural at the time get it! No one gets a medal for not taking it. This time im trying not to have it...but if I need it I will have it and get out the pool. Goodluck :)
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I agree. This is my 2nd & I'm extremely nervous & a bit scared. With everything keep an open mind. My 1st I had her natural, but it was 2 late for me to get the epidural. Im a huge baby when it comes to pain,but if I made it u will do great! Just remember the blessing waiting at the end. Wish you well dear!
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I have 8 more days to go. Ftm expecting a baby boy and i cant wait to see him! I also dont want any meds but if i cant take the pain its good to know that they are there just in case. I still have no signs of labor yet seems like hes too comforable in there...lol  i have everything ready our bags are packed. Im just waiting for these darn contractions to start or for my water to break!!!  Lol im sooo tired of being pregnant. Goodluck to all you other mommies. Just stay positive!!!
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Don't stress about it! This is my second baby and I'm due in June. For some reason I'm terrified of going into labor.  With my first I didn't 3 hours in labor if that. I don't quiet remember the pain honestly it went by too quick. No epidural no meds nothing. And no I didn't receive a medal lol. I always exercised walked every single day and this time I'm the laziest person ever!  I don't want to take the epidural either but if I have to I will! I think what I'm scared of the most is my baby being too small I was full term with my daughter and she weighed 4 lbs 13oz.
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