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Stress and pregnancy

Hello i just have a question this is my 3rd baby im now 21 weeks and the past two weeks have been under abit of stress is this going to cause problems for my baby
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Hello,  well, I'm really sorry you are stressed out.  Stress overall is not good for us but in terms of your baby, no.  Your baby should be fine.  Just try to take care of yourself, eat as best you can and get sleep.  Exercise if you can.  Try deep breathing, meditation, and see if you can get a break by having a family member or sitter stay with your other kids.  This helps you unwind and relax.  Let us know how you are doing.  hugs
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Congratulations, first!  So sorry about the stress you are under- stress is a pretty normal part of life- and while it certainly can have negative effects on our health, your baby should be more than fine.  You recognize the stress- so now, you can work on reducing it as much as possible.  Focus on the things that are important, instead of the issue causing the stress- you certainly can't avoid the issue- but make sure your priorities are in line with the most important things at the top of the list. Make a list of things you can let go of- if it's more of an emotional stress, make sure that you have someone to talk to about what's going on.

Let us know how we can help more too!  
Thank you both for your encouraging words i have been very worried due to the stress im under and at one stage last week was causing me to get braxton hicks i have been breathing to try and calm it which sometimes work but with so much happening i find it very hard
Make sure you stay hydrated too- that should help with the braxton hicks (along with trying to reduce stress, of course).  Is there anything you can try to take off your plate to help reduce the stress?  So sorry you are dealing with so much right now.  
I drink heaps of water to be sure im well hydrated other wise i get headaches and not really im at home with thw kids because my partner works every
Day and its just me at home he helps where he can when his home
It's tiring and stressful to be a mom sometimes.  Do you have any support people in your life?  Parents, mom, sister, aunts, good friends?  That can be really helpful for giving you a moment to breath.  And we all need that.  When my kiddos were tiny, I had once a week a baby sitter for 4 hours during the afternoon.  It wasn't go out on a date with hubby time, it was ME time.  I would go for a walk, go to the gym go to bible study, go to the grocery store without kid chaos, go to the library, sit in my room or the car and doze off, lol.  Just whatever I felt like doing for a period of time at least once a week and for a few hours in a row.  It was a life saver.  So, see if there isn't anyone you can ask for a bit of help from.

try to pick your battles.  House a bit of a wreck?  go with it.  Who cares!  right now, it's about getting through your day and a few extra dishes in the sink or the house a bit messy with toys or whatever is OKAY. Rest.  Take care of yourself, give yourself TLC.

Do you belong to anything that is social for yourself?  Mommy and me groups? A church group?  MOPS is a national organization that is run through churches but you do not need to be religious in any way to attend but it is a social group for moms.  I joined when my kids were preschool age and met some really nice people that I'm friends with to this day!  They have a monthly meeting where they provide child care and they typically have a speaker that a mom/wife would be interested in, they do something crafty, they chat with other moms in small groups, and there is food, usually really good food. :>)  I loved it!  And everyone is in the same boat.  So, it's really a great atmosphere and did I mention, child care?  lol  They watch the kids and it is a break for you.  Then my group and I'm sure most planned things outside of the MOPS meeting and we met at a park with packed lunches and kids played all afternoon (relaxing as they are entertained and all moms help each other keep tabs on their kiddos), or plan an outing to something special like the zoo, or go over to people's houses, etc.  It was really awesome for meeting people and socializing with the kids!  And everyone is just like you!  Everyone is tired and may or may not have kid spit up on their shirt!  No one cares because everyone understands. Check to see if you have MOPS near you, most communities will have it.

anyway, those are just ideas. hang in there and know that it will get better.  hugs
I totally was just going to post almost everything specialmom said, even down to the MOPS group, lol!  It's really a great program- I was part of 4-5 different groups in two different states (we moved) and all the programs where great.  It's very helpful to take a little time to refresh.
Do let go of the house work and other triggers for stress that you can- you don't have to be the mom that's all on top of it, because, truth be told- no mom ever is as on top of it as we think she is and that is totally ok!
Get some simple dinners that you don't have to put a lot of time into. Give yourself some grace- you are growing a human being!  If the house isn't picture perfect, the kids won't care- they just want you, not a perfectly clean home.  
If you can, get some fresh air each day- take the kids to the park or on a short walk.  It will do all of you some good.  
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