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I am 32 weeks pregnant and have had anxiety attacks and depression for 3 weeks. My doctor wants to put me on Zoloft and says that it's OK to take when your pregnant. She said that the baby can have withdrawals after he is born. Has anyone taken zoloft when they where pregnant?  
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I actually stopped taking Zoloft, which I had been on for years, when I found out I was pregnant. It is one of the safest SSRI's that you can take while pregnant, but it is still in that family of medications that can cause heart and lung birth defects. I would still trust what your doctor says. But just maybe do some reasearch on SSRI medications so you can be informed. If I am remembering correctly the first trimester is the most hazardous time to take these medications while pregnant. I definitely know from personal experience how hard it is to function with anxiety and depression. But only you can decide what is in your best interest for you and your baby. Just try and remember that you will not always feel this bad, it is not forever. Also that tomorrow is a different and better day.

P.S. If you have never had to take medication for anxiety or depression remember it takes a couple weeks to build up in your system. So you can't expect a miracle over night. Secondly the meds do not make you "happy" like many people believe, they make you feel normal. And if you have had depression before feeling normal is an amazing thing. It feels like you finally get your head above water and can breathe again. Depression and anxiety are crippling and I wish you the best of luck!
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Hi, well I'm on the same situation. I been taking it for the past month and I do feel better. It's a hard choice but being depressed also affects your baby. I talked to a mom that has been taking it for 16 years and she has 3 kids right now, all her kids were born healthy. Talking to her made me more comfortable ok making my decision. Good luck
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Thank you both for the advise. I think I am going to wait until after i have the baby to see if it goes away and if it doesn't then i will start the medicine.
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My dr put me on it. Turns out i have prepartum depression. But the zoloft really helped with the anxiety and panic attacks for me. Took 2 weeks for my body to adjust. And babygirl is still active. I'll get off it once babygirl is here and I'm able to do hot yoga again. Turns out hot yoga was my antidepressant. Good luck!
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