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car seats, bottles, diapers.. OH MY!!!

okay, I'm now 20w5d & I'm getting sooooo overwhelmed with baby stuff!! lol

my baby shower won't be until September, but my mama wants me to go ahead & start adding things to my registry so she can purchase whatever it is she chooses (this being her first grand baby, it'll probably be everything! lol!) one of those things is a car seat, and I can't decide!!! I plan on adding a couple different bottles b/c I know our baby boy may be a little picky.. I'm definitely getting the Playtex Drop-Ins, but I can't decide between a couple others?

I've narrowed it down to 3 brands of car seats: Graco, Evenflo, or Safety 1st..?! do I need to go ahead & get a convertible carseat, or get the infant car seat for now & worry about the convertible one later?!
bottles: Playtex Drop-Ins, Avent, Nuk, Gerber's First Essentials..?!
diapers: pampers or huggies..?!

if there's anything I do well, it's shop.. but I just can't decide what's best for our baby boy!! of course my fiancé is clueless, my mama has a few opinions, but things have obviously changed since she had me or my brother.
any advice ladies?!! thank you in advance!!! (((:
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I feel you!! Today i was trying to figure out what put on my registry. . There is so much stuff....... for example breast pumps there are a hundred different kinds!!!!! Which one do you buy????? So over welming
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There are new bottles out since I had my son 10 years ago.. then I used platex vent aire and Avent. . I'm breastfeeding so I'm going to get one of each of those plus 1 Dr whatever it is.. and see which one my princess likes best when I'm ready to bottle feed.
Car seats- I hated the infant carrier it's heavy and awkward to carry plus kids are being left in them too long and it causes issues for some. I'd rather use a baby carrier or stroller.
I go with the 4 in 1 convertible it's a little pricey but the only car seat you will have to buy. I like the evenflo symphony.
Pampers diapers and huggies wipes.. Some say the store brand target ones are good I've never tried.
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ahhh thank you so much!!!

I literally JUST looked at the Evenflo Symphony and I do like it!!! & I've also heard great things about Pampers.. my Godsister is 11 now, but we started helping raise her when she was about 4 months old & I could NOT remember what diapers we used with her!!

thank you so much for your input! I'm trying to get this stuff done now because I know time is going to pass by sooo much quicker than I expect!!! ((:
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I would say go convertible. I have an evenflo Symphony as well and love it. Its kinda bulky but it is great and has great safety reviews. Bottles I went with dr brown they are annoying to clean but really prevent gas and spit up. I completely agree with pampers for diapers and huggies for wipes. Other things I personally really liked were bouncer/swing super helpful to put baby in there for a little bit so you can shower and still watch them. Boppy pillow is a must in my opinion. I am the same way I can totally shop my face off :)
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thank you so much!!! I guess I've always liked the idea of being able to just detach the car seat & carry the baby in, but I guess that's not essential.

I've read GREAT things about dr. brown stuff too, but I guess the cleaning is a bit much.. the playtex drop-ins are awesome for that reason.. you CAN wash them, or just throw them away & they're super affordable!

ahhh, forgot about the hoppy pillow!!! lol preggo brain is real..
thank you soooo much again!! (((:
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Lol if you have the money for it I would get both convertible and infant :) I loved my infant car seat and carrier it was so convenient to take baby in and out of the car when we got home and I loved that I could snap it into my stroller and go shopping :) we only used it for 7 months but still was worth it in my opinion. I was just saying if you had to chose to get convertible lol
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My parents did the same thing with my son since he was the 1st grand baby :) they pretty much bought all of our bigger items... my dad actually bought us a crib right after we found out we were pregnant haha
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I can't imagine not having an infant carrier. You just take it out of the car and kick it into the shopping cart when you are out and about. As soon as my son was too big and in a convertible, I missed it. I had a stroller/car seat combo. We used playtex vent aire but some babies are picky. We kicked out, he took to the ones we bought. I loved only Huggies, my sister loved only Pampers.
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lol you're absolutely right, I understand!

I guess I do feel like the infant car seat is definitely for me.. I don't see myself using any other carrier for the first few months, and I guess I'm just used to it.

& thank you @coachsymons! I've looked at a few combos too that aren't too bad! ahhh, just so many decisions!! I hope I luck out & pick the bottles he prefers too! lol
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Idk why it said kick for lock and kicked for lucked, haha. Sorry if that was confusing. :P
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my parents just keep saying, "add what you want.. just let us know."
& I still don't know!!! lol

I'm an only child after my brother passing away when we were younger, so I'm the only one who will be giving them grand babies.. they're so excited & anxious and I can't even decide what bottle to try! lol maybe it's just the hormones.. geez!
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A lot of people thought my infant carrier was heavier but heck, I just had surgery and it didn't bother me! I had a baby trend jogging stroller combo. LOVEDDDD it!!
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baby trend! I just looked at a couple of those too.. gosh, before I got pregnant I could have told you EXACTLY what I wanted..

NOW?! hardest decisions ever!!! lol
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This website babygearlab *******, has very extensive reviews and rankings for all kinds of products
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baby gear lab - just looked it up! thank you so much, I'll definitely look it over right now!!!

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