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panic attacks?

Anyone have issues with panic attacks? I had them probably 3 or 4 times in my life and never with my first pregnancy. Now with this one (having twins) I've already had 2 and I'm only 12 weeks. Both my parents take anxiety meds. I never have had to and don't want to but it's kind of scary. I'm never like stressed or thinking about anything at the time.  It just suddenly hits me and I can't breath and I feel overwhelmed and trapped. My husband witnessed one and is now freaked out. He's never had a panic attack before. Any one else having them while pregnant?
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I have panic disorder and have had them constantly throughout my pregnancy so far (I'm 18 weeks) it's horrible and debilitating and I still have to take anxiety medications to be able to cope. I know how u feel and it's horrible and scary, talk to your doc they may be able to give some tips and I'll keep my fingers crossed for u that u don't get anymore
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I have an anxiety disorder diagnosed by my doctor so ive been suffering panic attacks since i was 17 especially in social situations.  I got off my medication when we started trying to get pregnant bc i didn't want to be on anything.  Its been hard for me.. especially at work. I still see my therapist and shes great at teaching me different coping methods. Its a hard thing to deal with but there are options.
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I got those a lot of times this year. Don't take medication it changes the chemistry of the brain taking you to scary dark places of the mind. I pray pray and pray and it goes away after like 30 minutes. But when you get one you have to tell your husband. And have a plan to bring you back to focus and calm you.
For example, my husband tells me that God loves me and that I'm not alone when I'm going through this. That ima heal from my trauma, that I'm doing better and he says breathe and look at me in the eyes.
I have PTSD after moms death and a nightmare I had where I woke up in hell.
The panic begins like this:  my mind doesn't ask me for permission out of no where it takes me into a panic attack.. With no warnings or nothing.
But I'm a fighter and I will not give up. This will not be stronger than me. I will rise above this. I declare I'm Healed in Jesus Name.

Be strong and fight this. It's a mental illness that won't go away with Tylenol unfortunately. The brain is saying ouch! Let me heal little by little.
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I have a panic dissorder as well but doing much better. Cutting out all diet sods and aspartame did play a hugw rold though. Omega fish oil and daily exercise as well. I refuse to take medication. Learn coping techniques to calm yourself..always remember this is temporary and will pass! Practice breathing...take yoga? Feel free to msg me :) all the best hunny, here for you!
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Thanks to you all. I'm crying as I am reading this because it helps to know other people get it and you are all so encouraging. I'm an extremely rational person and having this happen and being out of control makes me feel nuts and irrational and like my brain is coming apart. I just have to remember not every day will be like this and I won't feel like this tomorrow. I will.definitly take all your advice. Thank u.
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Yay mama, you are strong and can get throigh this!! All the best :)
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I did not know I had one until my husband witnessed and pointed it out..
It was really bad during my first pregnancy but now after getting tired of taking my anxiety meds, i decided to just take it on my own.hands.
I stopped.my meds Jan 2014 and goes to the gym instead, i can tell when a panic attack is about to start, i stop anything I am doing and focus on my breathing. I also keep telling myself I am stronger than this panic attacks.
One time i was driving home and suddenly I couldnt breath like someone was choking me and the car was getting smaller like I am on a small space.. i stopped and parked my car on the emergency lane and hug the ground and just focus on my breathing. That was the last major one I had so far.
Sometimes as simple as my husband.hugging me he is 6"2 & i am 5"2 sometimes i can feel like i am in a small space and a panic attack is about to start and I tell him lol. So I move away and focus on breathing.
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That's good advice too. Yes when my husband was here for the one it seemed to help that he was just there with me. But the whole.time he was like I'm going to call an ambulance and I'm like trying to explain what it is while going through it and he is just like at a loss. If someone has never had one before they can't really know what it's like!
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I Have only had some small intermittent attacks with my first and now my second pregnancy.....not as severe as the ones I am reading from you guys but I feel for you. I just can't believe the overwhelming physical fatigue that sets in after you have calmed down and the panic has passed. Do you guys experience that?
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The best thing for panic attacks without taking a prescribed medication is just to take a benadryl. Safe for you even while pregnant. I used to work for a psyciatrist and that is what he told me to do for panic attacks. BC I had them few and far between. It honestly works!
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