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shortness of breath?

I've googled it, and all it says is it can occur during pregnancy.. especially in the 3rd trimester.

well, is shortness of breath fairly common at this point in my pregnancy? I'm 15w3d as of midnight (11:25 p.m. now), and I just wanted a heads up before calling my OB in the morning.

I do have Bronchial Asthma, so usually when I have trouble breathing it's because something triggered it.. for example: allergies, middle ear infections (I used to get them A LOT), and sinusitis.. well, I don't seem to have any of those going on right now, and I'm trying to avoid using my inhaler because I didn't know if that was safe either.

I'm not miserable, it's just noticeable.. been this way for a couple of days.. OF COURSE you only experience something new when the OB isn't in the office right?! go figure.

thanks for reading, and I appreciate your responses in advance!!
please keep us in your prayers, seeing the specialist about my cervix this tuesday!! ❤
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I know a lot of it has to do with the baby pushing everything up (mainly the diaphragm) -- I'm an x-ray tech. so I'm very familiar with the anatomy of everything..

BUT, I just didn't know if all of that was already happening with me?
I do already have a decent sized baby belly.. there's no sucking it in, that's for sure!! lol
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The baby is only about 1.75 ounces and usually your uterus isn't up to your belly button until 20 weeks. So I would think its a bit early to be feeling shot of breath since your lungs arent being crowded by to much yet. But its definitely possible but I thinkyou should call thr OB just in cade (:
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thank youuu!! I was so busy messaging you about everything else I didn't even bring this symptom up to you! lol

I'll definitely call the OB in the morning though, I'd feel better knowing I could at least use my inhaler b/c I don't want to feel like I'm depriving the baby of any oxygen or anything.. but I'm not freaking out about it. it's really not that bad, but I just know it's not my normal breathing. staying stress-free!! (((:
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How are you carrying? If you are carrying high and already have a belly, it is most likely that. If you carry low, than it is most likely something else. Also, extra blood supply (because your pregnant) can often cause spells of breathlessness. However,  when in doubt always call your doctor or if your insurance has a 24hr nurses hotline. Good luck
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I dont think your depriving your baby of oxygen! As long as you are still breathing even if its unusual the baby is getting everything it needs. Dont worry. Like you mentioned shortness of breath is common in pregnancy! But just for your sake you should get checked out (:
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I have HORRIBLE asthma and I can barely make it down a hallway without being short of breath. I'm currently 29 weeks and my doctor told me it was normal and there was nothing he could really do. He told me use ny inhaler whenever I needed too.
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I need to post a picture of my belly, because I honestly don't know how to answer that question..

I guess my best answer would be.. my stomach is sticking out more where my belly button is & below.. like, I don't feel like the baby should be anywhere near my cervix or anything (well, it doesn't look like it). my belly sticks out enough to where I can see inside my belly button already!! I used to have to PULL my skin around to be able to see it!! lol I'm very petite.. I'm all belly.. but I'm SERIOUSLY showing a good bit! it looks like I have a small ball in there..

it's either got to be that, or yes.. just the fact that I'm pregnant. I just needed to hear that I wasn't crazy & was okay!! lol BUT I will try not to worry..

and I really need to post a belly pic soon.. I'll be calling the OB in the morning!!! (((:
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do you currently use albuterol? I listed this during my 1st visit with my OB, and I even mentioned it to the nurse while doing blood work & stuff (she basically asked me all the questions I had already answered, which I know is protocol), BUT I was never told not to use my inhaler..

I'm trying to just hold off until tomorrow.. unless I can find my "okay" list of stuff I can use..
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You CAN use your albuterol inhaler. I had to use mine more throughout my pregnancy than normal. My doctor even gave me Advair to use because my inhaler wasn't helping enough. Don't be afraid to use it. If you're depriving yourself of air, you're depriving your baby of air.
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okay, well that makes me feel better.. I have used Advair before so, if I have to go that route again then I definitely will!!

thank you so much!!!
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The shortness of breath can start in your first trimester.  Early on, it's from the increased need for oxygen between you and the baby.  You naturally begin breathing deeper without realizing it, but a flight of stairs can wind you in a way that can seem unnatural.  It's actually normal, it's just scary and uncomfortable if you have asthma and breathing problems anyway.
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yesss! very scary! like at first I mentioned it to my fiancé & he said well maybe you need to slow down..

I'm like baby, all I did was walk from the bathroom to the couch & I'm trying to catch my breath.. I walked as slow as I could?!!! lol

I did also walk upstairs in my house (with my parents) yesterday & that's when I REALLY noticed it.. I'm currently staying at my fiancé's just because I want him around 24/7, but whenever I go home I avoid going upstairs as much as possible. I've fallen quite a few times NOT being pregnant, not taking that clumsy risk now!

thank you for your response! I definitely feel better about it now..
so does albuterol really help then? seeing as how pregnancy isn't harming my lungs.. it's just a "change of pace" so to speak.. will my inhaler even do any good???
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That's a question for your doctor.  Your airways aren't actually being restricted hypothetically, but the stress and psychological effects could affect your airways.  Less stress when pregnant is always good, so the psychological effects of using your inhaler might be positive as well.  It just won't really *fix* the situation right now, but it might make it a little better.  I would call your doctor in the morning to ask their opinion, and if there is no problem with using it, I would do it just in case.
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I'm not sure about the inhaler, sorry can't help you there. However,  I also started feeling the shortness of breath since 14 wks- and I was on bed rest. My OB mentioned it had to do with my blood supply. Please check with your OB so you can be on the safe side that there may be another issue. I don't mean to scare you just so your both safe. Have you noticed any other symptoms- headaches,  pain,  or anything else?
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*not ^
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yeah, that's very true.. I'll just be safe either way & call my OB in the morning.
I just sort of wanted to have an idea of the situation to understand it & not worry so much over night..

I have no other symptoms though. no bleeding, cramping, headaches, nothing.. just the usual "stretching" that's normal/typical. no pain at all, and I'm even breathing okay as of now. it just sort of comes & goes..
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I'm glad to hear you don't have any other symptoms. That's a good sign, make sure you have enough pillows supporting you to help with your breathing- I use 2-3 depending on how I'm feeling lol.

Don't stress about it,and try to get some rest tonight. Your in God's hands don't forget,  ;)
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thank you so much!! I'll try to get plenty of good sleep tonight..
ya'll make me feel a lot better!! ((:
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SOB is common in early pregnancy and caused by the high levels of progesterone in your blood causing u to breath deeper and get winded easier.  Later in pregnancy it is often due to baby pushing ur diaphragm north.   Albuterol is pregnancy category C. Discuss use with ur doc first thing tomorrow,  I'm guessing they will tell u the benefit outweighs the risk to baby and use as needed. ER tonight if SOB becomes severe. Good luck girl, here's hoping it's just plain olé pregnancy SOB!
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thank you so much!!! I really feel like it is.. I've felt pregnant for a while, but this past week or so I've REALLY felt pregnant lol - maybe the hormones are really kicking in & it's just an adjustment for my body right now..

I had SOB (I almost typed this because of school, but I didn't know if everyone would recognize it lol) back when I had to take Prednisone, but this is NO where near as bad, so I chopped it up to be b/c of the pregnancy..

I'll definitely call my OB in the morning though!! thank you very much!! (((:
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