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Could i be pregnant?

Ok, My last period was from August 30th, 2011 to September 2, 2011. Thats four days, i have very irregular cycles and they are pretty short too. My husband and I had sex September 2nd (and pretty much all week after that but if i am pregnant im pretty sure i concieved on that day). Now its only the 12th of September so its only been a week and four days but my body is going crazy!! This would be my second child and i swear i feel pregnant (but i could be crazy! lol). From September 3rd until today, ive been extremely tired, going to bed as soon as my toddler does at 8 pm and forcing myself up at 8 am and taking a three hour nap too during the day. Im just freaking tired all the time and im not like this normally. Normally I go to bed at like 2 am and wake up fine at 8 and no naps and im great but not since Sept 3rd! Im also STARVING all the time. I will be in a deep sleep in the middle of the night and wake up instantly and want a four course meal or random things, like last night at 2 am,  i wanted a chocolate shake and mcdonald french fries. I have to eat so often and it feels like i havent eaten in years! This is also not normal because I usually eat one meal a day and thats at 5pm and im good till tommrow at 5 pm (im just not a hungry person). Im so nauseated on and off all day, im bloated around the belly, my belly is tender, i have heartburn and headaches and have moodswings, lower back pain and hip pain and dizziness. I have no breast soreness or breast changes though or implantation bleeding. Now i know its really early first of all, so this very all well might be in my head but for those of you with multiple children or women who are really intuned with their bodies with one child, Did your symptoms show up early with your other kids? Is it possible just know your pregnant and have pregnancy symptoms like the next day? I know you can have similar symptoms with your period but these symptoms started the day after my period ended and no where near my usual period symptoms which start one week before my period! Here is one other thing that is bugging me. We used the pull out method...yes yes i know its not exactly safe to begin with but it really hasnt steered us wrong before...until now...i dont know i heard its a 50 50 shot...i dont get my period till the 24th of september so i still have alot of waiting to do. Now I know first response will be take a test, or your just going to have to wait, blood test ect...but im trying to see if anyone has gone through something similar and been pregnant or not pregnant, known really early , stuff like that. My husband and i wont be upset if we are pregnant (definitely excited in a way!) We will just have to change some plans around no biggy. Thank you!!!
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Bump!!! Could someone PLEASE give me advice???
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Hmm.. I can't personally say I've gone through this. Most symptoms though wouldn't occur within so short a time span though. If you have irregular cycles though, it's impossible to say when your next will come though. I had irregular cycles before I got pregnant with my daughter and didn't know I was pregnant. Missing a cycle didn't mean much as I missed months upon months and it was normal. Do you mean they're irregular in the sense that they don't come on the same day, or you can't predict when the next one is? A test (if you don't wanna wait) can be accurately taken two weeks after sex so if you want to do that, make sure to use a good test (First Response is the best) and use it with first morning urine.
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