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Softened penis

Hello, firstly, thanks everyone in this forum for answering or reassuring me.

I had some sexual activities with my girlfriend yesterday. After some foreplay, I put a condom on my erected penis and preparing for penetration.  But after I had put my condom on my penis, my penis became softened and could not insert into my girlfriend vagina. I had a few grinding with my softened, and with condom, penis around her vaginal area, and there was vaginal secretion/fluid presented. After that, we decided not to continue the sex due to this unsuccessful erectile :(  I put off the condom after the grinding, and it had not slipped off at all.

I am now quite scare that my activities mentioned above (softened penis although no penetration, grinding around her vaginal area with vaginal fluid) will make my girlfriend pregnant, though I had not ejaculated, but not sure if there is precum presented. Will my girlfriend get pregnant due to this occasion? Thank you very much again for answers.
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It sounds like you were at no time close to ejaculation so the chance of there being pre-*** with sperm is negligible. You also had the condom on even though the erection was lost. I think you are safe. If you ever feel you have made a real mistake, remember she can take PlanB if you have $50 to spare.

I wonder if you are worried about the performance issue? Worry and guilt feelings may be involved. Perhaps the two of you can approach the issue gradually, with experiments in mutual masturbation and oral sex. Once you are comfortable with that, the real thing should be less difficult.

It's time for her to download a period tracker app so you can get a better idea of her more fertile days (8 thru 16 of 28). She can even learn to correlate her physical signs of ovulation with the app  In a standard 28 day cycle ovulation occurs about cycle day 14, sperm can last inside for 5 days, but once it comes the egg is only good for one day.
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