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early pregnancy signs/symptoms??

I would like to know from anyone or everyone what their early signs/ symptoms of pregnancy was. And when were they confirmed, as in how far along were you when you found out you were indeed pregnant?

Some of the signs/symptoms I am at the moment experiencing are in the order of degree.. extremely tired, have had a temp of above 89 for the last week, weak stomach but no morning sickness, my sense of smell is overwhelming, sort of tender nipples, may be some dark veins around the nipple, bathroom time..clear mucus when wiping, and some cramps in lower part of stomach.
Now I had a M/C in may and these also were my signs, some a little more then others, but pretty much the same. today I did a FRER HPT and it came back VERY FAINT. So I called my doctors office and they sent me in for some blood tests. They said they were going to do a Quantitative HCG but what was checked on the lab request paper was HCG QUAL pregnancy. It came back negative. Now I'm sort of up in smoke as to what to do. My LMP was 8/6 and I realize this is only the 29th but wouldn't the blood work that they did have come back positive or did they do it too soon or the wrong type to know the actual HCG level in my blood?? Anyone know the answer to this as it has me completely puzzled!!
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My earliest pg symptoms (before missed AF) were mild heart burn, sore bbs and increased thirst.  Not so much the nipples but around the edges.  Using FRER, I got a faint positive 10dpiui but it didn't appear until after the time limit.  At 11 dpiui, I got faint positive within the time limit.  I had my blood test at 16dpiui, and I think the hcg was round 250.  

It surprises me that you would get a faint pos on FRER and a neg blood test.  The thing I always liked about FRER is when they are negative, they are so white, I couldnt' even trick my eyes into seeing a faint line.  All I can say is that it is still early, so hope for the best and test again when you are ready.  Please keep us posted.
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Last time I found out I was 5 weeks and it was a very faint line then also. I think I am driving myself crazy here. I actually don't know if half of my symptoms are for real or if there are just there because I am so nervous. I swear, I don't actually know if my bbs are really sore from the possibility of being pregnant or just me feeling them everyday looking for pain. LOL.. tell me that isn't insane!! I swear I'm going to kill someone if I don't get a positive pregnancy test SOON. They are going to have to lock me up in the nut house. Ever feel this?.. please tell me I'm not the only one..
It isn't even time for AF and I really don't know when is because since my MC my periods haven't been the same, MC May 31 bled then til June 6.. July 12 - 17 Aug 6 - 10.. so i have no idea when AF is supposed to come, all I know is I have this feeling like maybe I am but heck it could be just that I want it so flippin bad! I'll keep you posted!
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Hi. I got my bfp 3 days ago, and i had no real symptoms b4 expecting af. All I felt was like I was getting af, cramping and spotting ( still am ) and that was pretty much it. The only other thing is I feel tired, slightly off my head, tired and quite grumpy, which could all be caffiene withdrawl symptoms *smile*...
I'd wait a bit and test again!!..You aren't nuts! This stuff makes us do strange things!..It's out of our control *smile*...Nuts is thinking you have af to the point where you're wearing protection, having a glass of wine and starting up Clomid when you're ACTUALLY preg!
I'll be keeping an eye out for your progress..
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my sense of smell was crazy with both pg's, but other than that no other signs.  have you taken another test yet?  good luck SSBD
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I know just how you feel.. it took dh and I two years, several surgeries and 3 iui's to get a viable BFP.  I often said, I think ttc causes bipolar disorder.  One minute all the hope in the world, the next minute, total despair..  You just gotta enjoy the highs while they last, and when AF comes, move on to the next cycle and try not to look back :)  

I know what you mean about the bbs.. I did the same thing.. I would drive down the street giving myself bb exams in the car, checking for soreness.. my sister even told me to run around the back yard with no bra on... like that wouldn't hurt anyway :)  But of course I tried it :)

hang in there.. you are on the home stretch.. wait just a couple more days and test again.. hannah
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I'm trying really hard to relax. Sometimes I want to run right out and buy another 15 test so I can take them through out the day but I am just wasting money. YOU ARE PREGNANT YOU ARE PREGNANT..is my mantra! It feels like I have a hernia under my rib cage, could be heartburn.. could be from worrying so flippin much! lol.. I need to meditate more!! .. I'll keep you posted!
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When I was about 5 dpo my bb's were sore and stayed that way until pos hpt. Around 7dpo i had the dark veins on my chest and arms, dh even noticed those.  Some mild af cramping that stayed around for a few weeks. I wasn't tired (still not), and no nausea in the tww. I got a line on $tree after the time limit at 9dpo, and knew something was up because they were always stark white.  Faint (very faint) line on frer on 9 or 10 dpo, definite pos on 11 dpo with frer.  On 14dpo the line was almost as dark as the test line (that is when ff told me to wait to test).
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Sore breasts, around the middle, not the nipples was my first sign.  The second was the sense of smell, then the morning sickness.  The sense of smell started around 4-5 days after missing my period.  The shortness of breathe and tiredness didn't start until at least a week after I missed my period.  I never got heartburn at all with any of my pregnancies.
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let's see - boobs were kinda sore - I was hungry all the time but it didn't take much to fill me up - and really tired all the time - other then that - not much and still not much - unless you count the burping and farting and constipation - oh geez - I just turned into my grandmother - I bet I can tell you my triglyceride levels too - argh
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Hi I was 8 weeks pregnant with my first child and both my hpt and blood test showed negative. I had no period, in that 8 weeks, and being my first pregnancy I thought i was just stressed. Then when still no period in the second month, i went back to the doctor and only then did my blood test show positive.  From what i have learnt and experienced the hcg level only really shows once the placenta is starting to grow.  It is the placenta that produces the hormone hcg. The same thing happened with my 3rd child.  So good luck and hang in there!
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I just lost my third pregnancy.  Viewing all these comments I know how crazy it can get when your waiting and waiting and hoping that everything is going to be okay.  All I can say is try not to stress out, your body will know whether this is something that is going to happen or not.  We have to trust in what our bodies are telling us. But in the meantime, try to relax and enjoy what ever feelings your going through.

Good luck
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I am now 5 days late of my period and don't know what to think. I don't know if i could be pregnant or not. I don't feel any signs of pregnancy except I feel more tired than normal and mucus is clear white. I can't do a test until my period is 7 days late and then I don't want to go immediately. I must be patient but of boy it's real hard!  I have a daughter - miracle from God. I have endometriosis and last year had a 3 hour operation - endo, very severe, the likelyhood of pregnancy being extremely small. So now I am wondering whether it is my second miracle from God or maybe my period is just late. I am never this late as my periods are like clock work.  Any comments or advise please.
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i found out bfp a few days before af was due.  i didnt have too many symptoms, i did have a day i couldnt eat enough, i had some sore boobs, but not bad like months i wasnt pg.  the qual test may not measure as low as your hpt?  too bad they didnt do the quant, i say give it  a few more days for levels to build and take another test. you did have a pos right?  good luck
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Check this out I did'nt have my pregnancy confirmed by a doctor until I was 5 mos with my dd and with this one the same thing happened except by me being older and alot more in tune with my body I knew something was up when I just out of the blue (upchucked) for no apparent reason and dh started teasing you're preggers and I said no b/c I had my tubes clipped,tied,burned after ds 11yrs ago and thought this was impossible so I went ahead thinking nothing of it and the simptoms kept growing and mounting moe=st of which I never had with any of my 5 pregnancies 1 was a m/c but I just could'nt believe it was possoble and was wondering if something could be wrong with me I tested 6x's all neg and I was still getting af the whole time just like with dd only difference was my last normal cycle was 5/07 and each one after was lighter and with no cramps and that was odd b/c I get cramps so bad I'm in bed for the first 2 days with cramps and flooding terribly and on 6/07 I bled for 1 day and had pink wipe spotting twice the next day only a few drops and that was it so I go to the doc and explain this to her alond with simptoms which were: dizziness,pinching on bottom right side of stomach for 2 days,extreme pulling sensation behind navel,queasy,vomited once,heartburn (never get only when pregnant),soooo tired sleeping like all day,lower back pain,tender breast on the sides,clear liquid coming out of breast on both sides when squeezed,muscle spasms in legs,unable to sleep on stomach b/c it felt like I was laying on a ball in the pit of my stomachextreme cm and I never get that much,and my sense of smell was off the chain. And she only tested me with urine test and sent me on my way and told me I had a hernia. I have since tested positve and have a big belly and have been feeling movement since 13wks. had I listened to her I would have been here on not such a positive note...so my advice to you is to always trust your instincts b/c docs don't always listen to you and statiscs show they don't know everything.
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I meant to say I am 4 months now.
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I am now 4 weeks late. When I was 10 days late I took a blood test at the doctor's office and it came up negative. It said my HCG levels were below 2 which meant not pregnant. My boobs SEEM to be growing. I am always extremely tired. Sometimes I feel sick to my stomach, but its never that bad and never lasts that long. I feel like I have gained weight over the past month or so. But I don't know if I am going crazy and just imagining these things or what.
The lab technician who took my blood said that it was very accurate and can sometimes tell pregnancy within 24 hours of conception.
I do not want to go back to the doctor for another blood test just for it to say no and the doctor think I am crazy....
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Yes, they all said no. I took those when I was like a week late.
But when I was 10 days I went to the doctor and they gave me a blood test that said no too.
So I have no idea. From what I am reading in this Forum, the blood test could have been inaccurate, but I thought that was pretty much 100% accurate, just not sure how far along you have to really be for blood tests to be 100% accurate.
The lab tech told me 24 hours after conception...So I have no idea what is going on.
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i went through a similar situation.  i was not prego.  the best thing that happened though is that my dr gave me prometrium to start my period and the next month i got my bfp.  i would think you should really call your dr if you havent started af yet.  :)
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I am not sure what bfp stands for :( Sorry
But I was planning on calling him and making an appt if I am 6weeks late....do you think I should try another hpt? Those just don't seem accurate a lot of times...weird how your body can work.
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Can the HCG level blood work really be inaccurate especially when you're only 10 days late????
The thing is, we use the whole "pull out" technique which I know isn't 100% safe but I really don't think there is much chance of me being pregnant. But we did have unprotected sex, without pulling out, when I was 7 days late (3 days before blood work was done), so I don't know.
I am really not sure I want to waste my money on another hpt and I don't want my doctor thinking I am just crazy. That is why I was thinking about waiting until 5 or 6 weeks late and then scheduling an appt to find out what is going on...
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Reading these comments have really made me laugh and realise I'm not crazy or obsessed... well maybe a little on the obsessed side! I've been trying for 5 months with no luck. on mon my boobs really hurt for a few days but nothing since and have broke out with a lot of spots all of a sudden. I have been having funny twinges in my belly for a few days but I'm wondering if thats because I'm starting to convince myself that I am pregnant. And unlike what a lot of people have said, I'm finding that I cant sleep at all, hence me being on here! I haven't had any of this before which is why I thought maybe its not linked to my period. But I'm confused because my periods due in around 2 weeks which would mean I'm ovulating now so I couldnt be preg could I??? (my last period was 24th Dec) I feel like I'm going crazy!!!!
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this is THE best thread so far..

I am two weeks late, and have had a couple of negative hpts, but i havent tested in over a week... thinking well. hpt says negative so obv i am NOT pregnant.. even though i am getting some pg symptoms.. Had a urine test at the doctors over a week ago that came up negative and he said if no period in a week come back for a blood test.. I havent had a blood test as i am needle phobic..  and also figure i will wait to see if my next period comes which is due in two weeks.. which also means i should be ovulating round about now.. and not had any cm at all.. I did have some a week ago for about a week or two.. quite alot.. but nothing now

so............... maybe i am...... maybe i am not.. lol sigh

Haha pmsl at the really clear (not)  explained symptoms I'm sure if you are pregnant then you will have to get a babysitter so you can be a comedian luv it :-D xx
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The first day of my last period was April 18,2015 I tested April 28,2015 morning and it was faint positive I then took a test That night and it was negative so I took another test May 2nd in the morning and it was also negative. But I don't really have a appetite I keep burping and tired
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