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Pregnancy progressing....thank goodness

Early preg can be a scary time for all of us.  And for those of us whom have lost your baby I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Feel free to drop me a line.....after 2 m/c nothing embarasses/bothers me. :-)

And at this point for me things are progressing....I had a intra vaginal sono yesterday and the baby is growing nicely and the heartbeat is at 158.  Im at 7wks. Im still on progestrone supplement and baby aspirin looks like I will be taken off in 4-5 wks. Anyone else in my time frame of preg w/an update??
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Thats great!  thanks for the comment by the way, it makes me feel better talking to people through here who are in the same stages as me!
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Glad to hear all is going well!  I'm only 6 weeks 1 day today...I had my 1st appt. last Tues...they did nothing much (I had a missed M/C and D&C in Dec.)...I thought they may do a little more this time around.....I have an U/S on May 1st....Honestly...I'm dreading it....Last time we were so excited for the BIG DAY....DH took 1/2 day off from work to go with...we were ecstatic......I went thru the pap, STD screen, internal exam, got all of the pamphlets on Pediatricians, Lamaze classes, etc....Then went in for the U/S.....Twins..no heartbeats...it was the worst day of my life....I already told DH that this time I'm not even looking at the screen until they say everything looks OK.....I swear, I have nightmares about my little beans that I saw on the screen last time!  UGH!...Sorry so long winded.....Anyway, that's my story!  :o)
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ASK FOR THE U/S FIRST!!!! After 2 m/c I do it first off.....this way you dont go thru all the exams and excitement etc.....only to find out something not so good. I go everyother week for sono and blood to make sure my levels are up and baby is good.  And  last week we were solid but I still will panic at EVERY u/s until I have that little person in my arms. And I do alot of praying.

I am excited to hear of your pregnancy! Please stay in touch.
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