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baby showers?

EVERYONE!  I want to know when your shower is (if you are having one), what the theme is going to be (colors/theme), who is throwing it for you, what games you played, what kind of food did you have, etc.  I am just being nosey ... also if you have already had your shower, let us know how it has went - what you got - the best and the worst gifts - as well as the other info I mentioned above.  This will be a fun thread (I think).
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I will post first! - My shower isn't until November 1st - and the theme is "sweet prince" and the colors are blue and brown.  My momma is throwing it for me and I am not quite sure yet on the games.  We are serving potato soup and ham/turkey sandwiches.  I am excited.

*something unique we are going to do at  my shower.  We are going to have our guests open up our presents.   Most people get bored during present opening time, so I am going to have everyone who brought a gift, open a different gift then the one they brought.  I will have them stand up and introduce themselves and tell me who the gift was from and model/show it to everyone else.  I think people will pay more attention and it won't take up as much time.  (I think).
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I *love* the colours blue and brown together! I got a great diaper bag like that!

I don't know if I am having a baby shower - probably not. It's not my first baby, but my others are 12 and 9 so it's the first for a looong time. However, I am really quiet - my husband and I don't have too many friends we hang out with.

We got married last month and only had about 20 people at our reception (half were family) so I doubt I have tons of friends who would come. That's fine with me though, I feel really awkward at social situations!
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Mine is Oct. 19th!!!!!  I dont know if there are specific colors that are going to be there...the invites had blue circles on them of different shades.  I dont know if we are playing games (hope not!!!) haha, dont know about the food either.  haha WOW i dont know anything about my shower.  My 3 aunts are throwing it for me.  I just know where it is and what time to be there.  haha  Which is fun i guess.  Im bummed because i just thought about having a halloween themed shower but its too late to do that.  So maybe someone else will have a shower for me and i'll bring that theme up!  

Or i'll just throw a halloween party and that will be that!  haha
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I'm not having one and my MIL is pitching a fit!  Oh well for her!  The opening of presents by guests sounds pretty neat though!  :o)
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I am having 2 showers....My inlaws live a little far away so my mil decided to have one with their side, which is Oct. 4......my big shower with all my family and friends is going to be a surprise.  I do not know anything about it.  There isn't even a person who give me any hints.  I just cant believe i am not far enough along that the shower is even being talked about =)
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I'm also having mine on October 19th (same as star_girl)!  My brother's girlfriend is throwing it for me at my house.  We are going to have some type of asian soup, fried rice, spring rolls, chicken wings and of course a baby shower cake!  I only have about 10 ladies coming. My friends are mostly still in school, live far away, or work all the time.  I think we are just going to eat, open presents and gossip to catch up lost time :)  Maybe share some u/s pix with them :)  None of them have babies.  Our colors are green and pink.  No theme?  I think that's it, but I think a game will be nice, but I will have everyone write a note to her about what they think of her coming and what type of parents Andy and I will be.  She can read them later :)  I will start a scrapbook on her!
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My MIL is having a shower sometime this month. It's a far a away shower since I have moved. I now live 400 miles away from most of my family. So everyone will be there but me. I know it sounds crazy and I think it is but this is something that she wants to do. Everyone will bring gifts and my MIL will bring them all to me when she comes down when the baby is born. I already have all the important things I will need as soon as I get home from the hospital. So all is good there. So I guess I'm kinda having a shower and not having one at the same time. She is crazy!!!! For real, if you knew her you would understand.
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Im having mine on Nov 2
Precious Moments is going to be the theme if i can find anything.
My mom is throwing it for me but i am helping plan it.
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I just posted a question on baby showers for the 1st child only? Trying to get some opinions on that. I am having my baby shower for my second daughter 4 years apart on Nov 2nd hopefully. No theme just pastel colors and baby stuff. My DH has a huge family so it will be co-ed.

I just wanted to mention a fun game we came across.
Diaper Toss
See how many diapers you can toss in the trash can. In a certain amount of time who ever lands the most baskets wins!

Baby changing game
who can put the diaper  and onesie on the baby the fastest.

I thought those games were a lil different than the whole measuring your belly with TP games and stuff.............
Good Luck with your parties ladies
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those games are different and fun!  I went to a shower a few weeks ago and they had a neat game.  They had 10 diapers (numbered 1 -10) and each diaper there was a  type of babyfood (green beans, chicken & Gravy, carrots, apples, etc)  It was our job to guess what food was which by looking at and/or smelling (some tasted, but I did not) on your paper 1 -10 you guessed what you thought it was in the diaper.  
A little different - but fun...
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haha i'm doing the tasting game too but didnt think of putting it in a diaper!  that's nasty thought!  lol i better get used to it!
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