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Hello ladies, I was wondering if we should start a thread with due dates so we can keep track of when everyone is due.  Okay I'll go first:

Leatha:  December 4, 2009
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December 8 - so far - I guess I'll get an update w/ first dr. visit
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December 10! :)
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december 10 !!!
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December 3
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December 15th :)
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Dec 13th (for now)
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Dec 14...but I will update once I have my U/S :)
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Dec 02.
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december 13th (for now)
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December 12th {just from online calculator, haven't been to the doc yet}
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Dec 12th!!
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december 15
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December 5th, for now!!!
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December 8th.
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Due Dec. 2nd!  :)
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Dec. 16 with twins
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Dec. 9th as per online calculator.
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Dec 17th
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December 11th with twins!
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Dec 18th for now will have 1st u/s in May.
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Due Dec 5th.  Have not had first appt yet, but if the date changes I will update! ;)
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December 3rd
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December 27th for now!! I will no if this is correct on Monday
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December 31st just from online calculator
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