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TTC with fibroids and retroverted uterus

I am recently married and TTC . My last periods was 25th Nov. My ovulation period was 8th to 10th Dec. I got retroverted uterus and three fibroids (all are outside the wall of the uterus) not more that 2.5cms diameter. I had also undergone myometomy, three years before. I was eagerly expecting to get conceived this month. My due date for periods is 23rd Dec. But as a symptoms before periods i am getting white discharge, cramps, severe pain in my legs. Are these are symptoms for periods or early pregnancy. Please also suggest me the ways to get conceive as soon as possible. When I discussed with my gynaec, she said i have all things perfect for getting conceived. She asked me to ignore about the fibroids since they are smaller in size. I also have another doubt. After intercourse i had observed sperm discharge. Is this a regular thing or is there are measures to prevent this. Kindly help me with your answers, because i am really dejected and worried about pregnancy.
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Hi megha!

I don't have any personal experience with fibroids or a retroverted uterus, but if your gynocologist says it won't interfere with TTC, then I would just trust her on that. As for the symptoms you're experiencing, the cramps could be a good sign. Many women do get period-type craps in early pregnancy (myself included). The discharge, on the other hand, is not necessarily an indication, and I've never heard of leg cramps being a pregnancy symptom before...but you never know, I guess.

And lastly, it is totally normal for the semen to come back out after intercourse. The viable sperm leaves the seminal fluid pretty quickly and enters your cervix, but the leftover fluids will often come back out whenever you get up. It's not a big deal, but if you want to maximize your chances, you could stay in bed for about 15 minutes after...just to make sure the sperm has a chance to enter the cervix.

Good luck with everything!
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Oh, and I also wanted to give you a link to the Fertility Forum here on MedHelp, where there are lots of ladies currently TTC:


You should check it out!

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