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has anyone else passed clots while pregnant?

im nine weeks pregnant and i felt like i peed my pants yesterdat but i thought it was just discharge like always but when i got to my boyfriends house to pee it was blood that turned the toilet water red and mucus and blood came on the paper as well as a nickle sized clot? i've stopped bleeding now and that has never happened before should i be worried? i have an appointment with my obgyn on monday so i wil tell her then but i just wondered.
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Hey-  I had was passing clots my 7th week (literally the whole week.  I'm now at 9 weeks) with blood obviously.  Mine started during the weekend as well and that Monday I went in to see my DR.  She was pretty convinced that I was in the middle of a miscarriage.  I requested a u/s that day and saw the little bean with a heartbeat!  She said everything looks perfect, they just weren't sure what was causing the bleeding and the clots. I've sensed stopped the bleeding and the passing of the clots. Are you having any cramping? Has the bleeding stopped?  I'll be thinking of you and hope everything goes well for you.  Keep us updated.  
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anytime you bleed enough to seriously notice is something that needs to be addressd to your dr. just to be safe. watch for cramping and dicomfert and bleeding heavier then 1 pad every 2 hours those are not good signs.i hope all goes well and it is not a serious matter. good luck and keep us up to date, best wishes
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everything was fine at the doctors and all is well who knows what the problem is the doc just said i would be one of those who has a hard time but baby was moving on the U/S like crazy im excited!!!
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thats wonderful news i am so happy to hear all is well god bless
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Hi All!
At 9 weeks suddenly started bleeding with large clots.  I was getting my daughter ready...I felt like I passed something warm ...it was like something jsut dropped in my panties. 1st clot was half size of a golf ball. Second one also, which came out when I wiped and saved in a ziplock bag...thinking I am m/c'ng.  I bled heavily for 30min, after that when I sat or did something had bleeding, if lying down no bleeding. Next day had u/s ....nice heartbeat and baby growing well since the last u/s.  doc said he doesn't know what is causing the bleeding, but there were few clots near placenta.  doc said that cramps were normal? Go home and have complete bed rest for two weeks.   Nothing was done to the clots saved?  I had light spotting at 6th week, which doc said was normal too? After that I have been running around and been going to work.  9 weeks I am bleeding on and off especially only when I wipe and have tiny brown clots and also looks like small old blood residue coming out. Please share if you have anything similar going on?
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i had been to u/s yesterday, i am 7.3 weeks preggers. scan lady said she could see the fetal pole but no heartbeat. i had mild spotting yesterday so had to rush to the doc. i am passing small amt of clots nw when i go to pee. scan lady declared it to be missed abortion. i dont want to believe it. doc asked to wait for three days. but why. i am broken. pls help. what does all this mea. is the scan right>??
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Hi ash, I'm sorry no one replied to this before now. This forum is not very active anymore, as it was created for people having babies in December 2009. Unfortunately, if your dates are correct, your doctor may be right...especially with the clotting you experienced. I'm sure you already have an answer at this point, but if it was a miscarriage, then I am truly very sorry. My first pregnancy was a missed abortion, or missed miscarriage, as well, so I know how hard it is to go through. Take care of yourself!
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I'm 9 weeks prego today went to er last night every time I pee there would be pink spotting then I passed a little blood clot but er Dr checked urine pelvis blood work everything is fine go to Dr Monday to check my hcg levels again now its 71,186
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I haven't took a pregnancy test yet but i missed my period and have been bleeding brown/red type blood for the past 3 days. i JUST went pee a few mins ago and bled out a bunch of blood and when i wiped there was a big blood clot on the the toilet paper. I don't know what to do, i'm scared. :(
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ok I am 15 weeks an I js went to pee an when I wiped there was blood clots on the toilet paper I don't know if that is something to worry about do u think I should call my doctor or go to the emerangcy room this is my 1st pregency
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