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Crazy Boob/Belly Growth Spurt

So my body decided to pop today.  And it hurt!  First I woke up this morning, and my boobs, which had not really grown since their initial growth in the first month of my pregnancy, no longer fit into my bra - even with adjusting the straps and hooks etc.  Then about half way through the day at work, after feeling really uncomfortable (stretchy/sore/tired stomach muscles) for a couple hours my belly just popped out.  My co-worker said to me "Dude, your belly grew since before the staff meeting."  I have been grumpy for the past few weeks b/c I really haven't had much of a belly, and this is mostly b/c my stomach muscles stay pretty tight most of the time (not any kind of six-pack, but I have been going to a chiropractor for about 6 months, so my posture has gotten pretty good).  I could look in the mirror and see the bump if I relaxed my stomach, but my natural posture was more sucked in.  Well, I don't know if it was the heavier boobs straining my back muscles that strained my stomach muscles or what, but as of about 2pm this afternoon, my stomach muscles might as well not exist anymore it feels like!  And now I'm sore, and itchy and feel much more uncomfortable than before.  What I was I thinking being jealous of bumps!?!

Has anyone else had one of these crazy mid-day spontaneous belly growth spurts?
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I'm in week 17 and still have nothing to show for....by your description, I am kinda hoping that it takes A LONG TIME to happen now.  :)   I have heard that it happens within a day or so, but no one has ever mentioned that there was much pain to it.  I guess I will be happy with my bumpless belly for now.
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Mine didn't really happen in a day lol - just over the course of a few - But I know what you mean about it hurting and feeling all stretchy. I'm 17wks and I've been popped out for a couple of weeks now (this is my 2nd). But my low abdomen feels like something is going to pop right out of it!! I think the pain for me is coming from the fact that I've had 4 laparoscopies done and there's a lot of scar tissue in there, so with the baby growing it's probably breaking some of that up... I haven't had much itching yet - When I do, I just use cocoa butter to soothe and to prevent stretch marks lol!
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