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Not sure I'm still having a July baby!

There's no way I would leave this amazing group of girls even if Grey comes in June, but as of now I can't say when we're going to induce! Labor happens fast for me so most likely the induction day will be his birth date, but who knows....for anyone who's curious about why I'm inducing at 37wks I've posted twice about it on the Pregnancy 18-34 forum (you can link to the posts from my profile :) ) and I won't know the date until after the amnio to test for lung maturity, which I'll be having later this week (get the date for THAT tomorrow morning).

I'm getting so excited...I can't wait to meet my boy...
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hey there..even my due date is or was lets say Juy 7th but the docs are planning to hospitalize me and induce me midnight on June 26th. There is no reason for them to be doing so and have not given me one too. Its my first and am not happy with the commercialised way that i am being treated..why are they not waiting for the due date to cross for induction or at least for natural labour to start...they have given me no reason inspite of asking...
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I am jealous... I am in searing pain from my pulled ligament in my rib cage and her feet are in it kicking constantly - the meds they gave me earlier they will not give after 35 weeks because it could cause addiction on her part... so I am sucking it up for 4 more weeks.  I can not sleep - I am constantly throwing up stomach bile (sorry tmi) and acid reflux that feels like burning glass.... I wonder if it is really a pulled ligament or possible something else - I should not get the searing pain when I lay on my left side followed with the burning up the throat and then getting sick right after all from a pulled ligament.  I wish they would take her a little earlier - we already had the steriods and I am in sooooo much pain.
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aww, girls you make me sad!!! I'm so sorry that you feel like you're not being listened to Singh....you should talk to them about it!!! if there's no reason for them to induce early, don't let them!!! you can refuse to be induced, and it sounds like you really want to go naturally so I would put my foot down :(.

Melka -- you poor thing :( ...you sound completely miserable! when I was in the hospital friday they offered to go ahead and induce me, but I declined..and then when I had my appointment to see my actual OB (instead of the on-call OB from the hospital) I was shaking because I was sso terrified that he would refuse to induce me...and the symptoms just keep getting worse and worse...the right side of my face felt like it was on fire for like 2 hours yesterday and my vision came and went all day and it was so freaky :(. I also haven't had any relief from this headache since it started on friday, it's been brutal. they're still prescribing pain meds but I'm trying not to take them because obviously they're going to be in the baby's system if he's born soon...which I'm heartbroken about, but the pain is so bad I'm vomiting and shaking half of the time and curled up in bed with a pillow over my head the other half...this has just been so unreal. I've had bad BAD migraines all my life, and these put anything I've had before to shame ...it hurts so bad sometimes it's SCARY....and I know that all of my doctors think that things are going to get better after the delivery, so here's hoping....not gonna know anything for sure until the amnio though, which I should find out when I'm having any minute (waiting for them to call with my appointment) and I'm nervous :(.

Have you tried just leveling with your doctor about all of this??? It really sounds like you should be able to induce at least a LITTLE early...I mean, you could do an amnio and check lung maturity like we're doing if nothing else...aren't you the one with cerclage? if the amnio comes back favorable they could always just remove the cerclage and see if you go on your own....I'm so sorry you're suffering like that, I feel your pain and it's just not fair....I remember being uncomfortable for the last month with my daughter, but I still enjoyed it...this time I just can't wait to go into labor because it'll hurt less, and it sounds like you're in the same boat :(.

Hang in there girls...we're all almost there no matter what, and it'll all be worth it <3
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Yup - I have the cerclage - last appointment on Thursday the dr said she thinks it is just dangeling there... I have another appointment Thursday and I am going to ask the have the stitch pulled - they told me they would not stop me after 35 weeks so why prevent it... They pulled the stitch with my son at 35 weeks - nothing happened... he was the most lazy baby ever... still is!  She is pretty far down there.. I am on pelvic rest - but I had to try so I had sex... started more pressure - took a very bumpy ride ( on a boat not a car) but we went super slow and all it did was add more pain to my ribs... I bought castor oil yesterday and am just looking at the bottle - I am too scared to do it... I am hoping they pull the stitch on Thursday and the flood gates open!!  at least 2 more cm then they will do the section.  I had a US last thursday as well and the tech said she was breathing - and you could see it on the screen.... I just worry that she wants out and the stitch created scar tissue on my cervix and it won't open... that is my biggest worry.  I will try to talk to them then.. thanks!!
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