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Gender of June 2009 Babies

Just curious as to how many of us hopefully June 2009 mums will be having which sex. I was told on Tuesday that I'm having a princess (was told it's highly possible it's a girl, but you never know it may change!).

I have another appointment with my Obstet. on Friday due to another reason and as I'm really good friends with her daughters, I'm going to try to get her to take another look (fingers crossed). In all the excitement, I forgot to request for a picture :-(

Would be great to know from you guys.......
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Would be great to have some answers......................just curious as it appears that there are alot of girls......
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mines a little prince hehe no chance of a princess for me! i knew it was a boy tho ;)
congrats on ur little girly!
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not sure yet....although the tech with my anatomy u/s said she thinks it is a girl, she wasnt 100% sure. my new doc is suppose to do a quick in office u/s feb 11 when i go to my next appt. so hopefully since i will be almost 24 weeks they will be able to tell for sure. i am pretty sure it is a girl, but am secretly hoping for another boy.....BUT if it is a boy, i dont have a single name for him yet....lol....have been concentrating on girl names...lol

good luck to all getting u/s soon and hopefully they can tell you what your bean is....lol
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My hubby and I have decided not to find out what we're having....we like surprises!!  :-)
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I have to wait until Feb 18th!  I think it's a girl, and my doctor said based on the heartbeat she thinks is's a girl.
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I'm having another little boy and his big brother couldn't be happier that he is a he. lol
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my ultrasound dude said 80% sure of boy... not completly sure since I am only 17 weeks but I am sure its a boy
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it is hard to believe that your doctor is going by the heart rate old wives tale....lol....what is your baby's heart rate?

i am pretty sure mine is a girl, but until i have the u/s that shows the 3 white lines...i am NOT getting my hopes up....lol
hopefully will know for sure on feb 11th.  all 3 of my kids are looking forward to a girl. even my boys are wanting a sister...let alone my daughter....who right now is not only the oldest but the only girl...lol

today is my oldest son's bday...he is 12....omg where did the time go?  lmao
good luck to all and congrats on your healthy babies.
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My girl was again reconfirmed yesterday.....but of yourse I was told to wait for more certainty with the 3D-Ultrasound which I will have again on 17th Feb. My sisters in Sydney have gone crazy and already bought me girl clothes, I haven't even bought anything yet!!

Thanks for the answers. Hope that we all have healthy babies, that's really what counts :-)
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How about doing this as a poll?  I would but I have no idea how!!!  I am expecting a girl - just found out monday.
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I also don't know how to, that's why I justed posted the question.....Hope that all our pregnancies go well and we have healthy babies :-)
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i posted the poll for "Gender of June 09 babies" check it out...maybe we can actually tally it up.  even if it is gonna be a surprise (by your choice) they couldnt tell or you havent had a u/s yet...there are spots for all of it.
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