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How are all the little Jewels doing?

Hi ladies. I know you're all probably off enjoying your little bundles but I thought maybe we could all check in and give our updates. Please do so whenever you get the chance, I'd really love to hear from you all!

My little one will be two months old on the 25th!!! The time is flying by so quickly and I'm just amazed at how intelligent she is. Aaliyah smiles a lot, makes a lot of cooing sounds now and is really starting to master her motor skills. She weighed 7.5 lbs at her one month checkup and I'm curious to see how much she's gained when I take her for her two month checkup on Saturday. I'll definitely be posting again to let you know her progress. We're bonding really well and she's already a daddy's girl for sure. She smiles every time she hears her daddy's voice and loves when he gives her a bath. :-)

So there's a little bit on how my tiny miracle's doing, hope to hear from you all soon!!! Take care mommies.
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We're doing fine! Medina is 6 weeks and 4 days today, it's unbelieveable how time flies! She's really adorable, sleeps well during the night. She has no colic and is rarely restless, perhaps 2-3 times but I would blame the antibiotics she took on them. The scars under her arms are practically gone :-) She smiles alot especially at her Mum but she looks sooooooooo much like Dad. She getting blonde hair and her eyes are still blue-grey - like her Dad, I'm dark eyes, dark hair but my Mum has green eyes and my Dad was blonde as a bub and his father and sister have blue eyes!! Will be interesting what turns out in the end.

She receive her first dose of the Rotavirus oral vaccine on Thursday. She weighed in at 5.38 kg (11.8 lbs) and is 58 cm (22.8 in) so a big girl, like her Daddy. She coos, smiles, laughs, has wonderful head control, and is amazingly strong.

I hold her alot and was criticized in a friendly manner from my mother-in-law. What do you guys think about that? I read that children that are held more often are usually those who become independant faster and learn at a m ore advanced pace and are less likely to be fussy and have colic. Would like to hear some thoughts on that.
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Zazou, glad to hear from you! I'm glad to hear you and baby Medina are doing well. Sounds like a really happy baby. I personally agree with you on holding the baby often. I think it not only creates a stronger bond between mother and child (or father and child, etc.) but it absolutely promotes independence later on in life. The child grows up feeling secure and generally happy. I hold my baby girl as much as possible, I kiss her often, and I've had no problems with her at all. It's a good thing so don't worry about it. I know a lot of people think that you can spoil the child and that they'll want to be carried or held all the time but that's not the case with all children. So keep doing what you're doing and please keep us updated on little Medina's progress! Take care. :)
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Well after reading you ladies post I know I have a big baby, lol. At JT's 2 week check up he weighed 10.10 lbs and was still 21 inches. He was prescribed zantec for his acid reflux problem but he is doing well physically other then that.
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Just took Cash for his 3 week check up and he is 10lbs 7 oz - big ole boy!  We had tried the Zantac and it didn't work so we are trying Prevacid now for his reflux.  He also has colic so we are having tons of fun!  But those sweet moments are all worth it!
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Well now I know my Pyper is small.  She has her checkup on the 11th and is 8 weeks on Tuesday and I am guessing she might be 8 lbs if that.  She is soo tiny.  I think she has some reflux issues which I know you are not supposed to do this but I had some good medicine left over from my other daughter and gave her that and that seemed to help so I need to bring it up to the Dr.  She would do nothing but scream after I would nurse her and I was having to give her a bottle after each feeding.  Now since the medicine I dont have to do that so I am going to have to get some prescribed for her.  I figured she had the same problem because my other daughter had the reflux issues.  She does have some colic times but not near as bad as Peyton.  Everyone in my family (big family) says my oldest daughter was the most colic baby they had ever seen.  She cried allllllllllllllllllllllll the time.  Pyper isnt quite so bad which is good because I can actually enjoy her a little more right now.  Anyone else breastfeeding?
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Hey ladies, sorry for the delay in posting........Miyah Junae was born June 2, 2009...8lbs 4oz& 19 inches! At her 2month check 7/31/09 up she weighed 13lbs 9oz& 23inches!  Tonight is my first night back to work and it has been very hard for me. I miss being home with my kids! My son Lee is such a big help and i cant believe my baby is going to be 5yrs old in a few months! I will post pictures soon...dont have computer access at home so please bear with me, lol
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Hi ladies, I'm so glad to hear from all of you! It seems all our little ones are thriving. Aaliyah weighed 9lbs9oz and measured 21in. at her two month checkup so she's still small but a long way from the 5lbs5oz 18in. at birth! I just about cried when they gave her all her shots, but she's such a strong girl, only cried for the two minutes it took to administer the vaccines. Other than that, I've been very lucky, we only dealt with a little bit of colic for the first month or so. I'm hoping to get her ears pierced at 3 months and that's coming up so quickly! Oh how the time flies. Make sure you're taking lots of pictures, you'll long for these days when they're all grown up. I was kind of sad last night because my little girl is starting to sleep in her crib more, next thing I know she'll be leaving me for college!!! LOL. Take care and keep in touch ladies. :-)
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I'm beastfeeding exclusively and enjoying it. I love the look on little Medina's face when she sees the breast and also when she drinks she grabs it literally, placing her hand on it claiming it as her property....lol....such a sweetie. Medina is 8 weeks 1 day today, is now about 12.5 lbs (5.7 kgs), 23.4 in (59.5 cm) and she hardly fusses just every now and then like every bub, she just feel asleep in my other arm while I'm now typing away.........................
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Today is the worst day in my life!!!!! I just went back to work and cant stop crying. I miss my little Lucy so bad.  She is perfect little girl, i love her so much and I hate person who decided that maternity leave is only 12 weeks (unpaid). I wish that person to have 10 children and go back to work each time after 12 weeks!!!!! In my case I get back to work after 9 weeks, I could take only 10 weeks (Im here less then year). I didnt get paid for 3 weeks already and just couldnt afford any more.
She is perfect as like I said. She was born 8.3 lb, 19.75 inches. At one month she was 9lb 7oz and 21.50 inches, at 2 months 10lb 15oz and 23.50 inches. She is colic and cries often but today I will take all day of crying, just to be able be with her. She is on Zantac and some gas relief meds, helps really good and I can see big impoovment in past weeks. I was breastfeeding for almost 2 months, stoped just few days ago, she didnt want to eat anymore, she prefers bottle and besides she is less colic after formula so Im fine with that. In the begining I didnt want to do this but just couldnt do anything.
I have a hard time with my feelings, I cry a lot and I was send for therapy, I should start this in next 2 weeks. Hope this will help me, I love my family so much and just want to be smile, happy mom. I can see Im better lately but still.....Even my husband said that he have his wife back!!!!
Girls!!!! What I can do to feel better??? I miss her so much!!!!!
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Asia4 - i symphathise wit you, i can't bear the thought of leaving my little one,  i wanted to got bck after 6 months but i'm staying at hme for a year. In Germany, we have the advantage that maternity leave is paid by the government not your employer. So I get 67% of what I used to earn (although I get 100 % for the first three month, first 2 months is compulsory maternity leave month 3 is my holiday leave as my contract ends during maternity leave). If we didn't have this paid maternity leave it would be a financial disaster for us (as two academics which is a joke here in Germany!!!!).

Regarding colic, it peaks at six weeks so the worst is over, and is usually gone by 12 weeks. Regarding colic and breastfeeding, perhaps it was something in your diet which was transferred to her via your breast milk, but usually breast milk is the best thing and I would persist with a breast pump. Enjoy the time you breastfeed her when you're with her, it really is beautiful if you can do it, I'm going to try for the full 6 months if I can.

I know it's hard for some of us, but your family is there for you and don't forget you need to be there for your daughter. Be proud of your accomplishment, having a baby is a miracle, be proud of yourself and her - she's adorable and needs you!! Babies can sense our feelings, they are more intelligent than we think. Go to the therapy and open up and say how you feel, it will help you feel better.

Plus we're here as well.................

Take care of yourself and your little one.

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