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Baby Birth Updates

Hello All,

It's about that time for our June mommy's to start giving birth. My due date was June 6th, however I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl Bianca on May 31st. She weighed 6lbs 10oz and was 19 inches long. She's the sweetest baby in the world.

Please post your stories so that we all share in each others joy. Also I stated another group called June 2011 Newborns so that all of us new moms can share stories and offer advice on bonding and taking care of our newborns/infants.
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Let me start by saying I am so glad to have our beautiful baby girl Ryann Renee!! We have been blessed! She is an amazing baby!! I went to the hospital Monday 6-6-11 for my scheduled c-section. During that morning I think my nerves were getting the best of me because I had the poo's and constant contractions up until my c-section. I do believe I was in labor. After the c-section which only took about 30min I also had my tubes tied. Recovery has been pretty rough I must admit. I am tired and very very sore. I went to the dr today because I have a cold now and thought I had a bladder infection because IT HURTS SOOOO BAD TO PEE!!  Dr said that is part of the recovery but he was only a convient clinic dr so who knows. Anyways, nursing has been wonderful...although painful! It is getting better and she had the hang of it right away!! Hope all you ladies are doing great!! A BIG CONGRATS TO US THAT HAVE HAD OUR WONDERFUL BUNDLES OF JOY AND GOOD LUCK TO THE UPCOMING BABIES!!
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Congratulations!  I'm so glad your sweet little girl is here. :-)

My baby is due in 3 days and we're inducing on June 16 (one week from today) if she doesn't show up before then - I hope she comes sooner, though!  
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