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Pregnant women expecting babies in June 2011
Hi all; I am 13 weeks pregnant now and have been experiencing lower abdominal pain constantly for about 2 days. we saw the doc on monday ...
Just wondered if any of you already experience colostrum / milk discharge from your breasts? I am just over 29 wks & non thus far ... I h...
I am trying to get my baby on a sleep schedule and it's very challeging to say the least. Does anyone have their baby on a schedule. Also...
Awh so darn cute!! Have your babies starting smiling while awake, and making noises?? Like talking but not really talking???
Did anyone expereince baby blues? If so how did you feel?
Please is there anyone here or known that got pregnant with two large fibriods of atleast 132mm x 126mm intramural; and 54mm x 44mm subse...
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