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I miss September

I know this is silly but I miss September, I can't believe the month is over with. Gibson is already 3 weeks 2 days old. I'm sad I'm not having anymore and DH is getting a vasectomy. I want Gibson to stay little forever, it seems like he is growing up so fast. Time is flying by... I'm already sick of hearing my mother in law say, every time she sees him, "hes getting so big" "look hes so long" "he gets bigger every time I see him". I got mad the other day and told her, in a nice way, "Please don't make my last baby grow up too fast." I guess I'm just being hormonal or something but geez...
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I haven't... I cant believe its over, althought i am finding it more difficult to cope with being a mother max 3 hou-4 hours asleep at night!, as my baby is still very unsettled and he suffers from a very bad reflux!  I am hoping to start enjoying him soon as it has only been very  hard work so far...
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I know how you all feel. My son will be 2 months old tomorrow (the 5th) and he's soooo big! He is already 13 lbs! He was 10 lbs when he was born. He's already 25 inches long! He's grown 5 inches!! I miss my little boy, now he's a big boy! He pulls himself up when he holds onto my fingers and pushes to stand up. He laughs alllll the time! He's gorgeous to me, but I miss having my little.... well 10 lbs isn't really little.. but still. I miss being pregnant too! I want two or three more kids. Probably two more in my 20's and one more in my early 30's. Everybody around me is pregant too which makes this even harder. My sister in law is due march 13th and is having a boy and my husband's best friend's sister is due february 19th (my bday too) and i know of two or three more people that are expecting in december! I see their bellies and I miss mine... Hopefully when we're done having kids, I'll feel like I'm done having them. I don't want to set a number now and wish for more after I've had them. By the way I love the name Charley for a girl! That's so cute!
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I feel the same way. We had a little girl, Charley, on September 9th and she is getting so big. This is also our last baby and I am very sad about that. We had decided from the beginning we only wanted two but now that we have those two I want more. I miss being pregnant and want to keep Charley little forever.
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I'm sad but happy. TJ was born early in Aug 14. but was due to be born Sep. 13, so he's growing and getting stronger and ready for his heart surgery (he's at home and has down syndrome and a hole in his heart) So I'm excited and nervous about that.

I still want 2 more kids but DH says that if the next one is a girl we will be finished. TJ is our only baby/pregnancy thus far. We're 21 yrs old, married 3 yrs together nearly 6.  
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i know.... its so sad!!  Cohen looks bigger every day. i want him to stay small forever. im sure we will have more babies (id like 2 more). i miss being pregnant. he doesnt even look like the same little baby i brought home from the hospital!
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I agree i am in the same boat as you this was my last bubba too and it does get very sad Jorja is only a week old and i feel lost in a way because i want her to stay little forever too.. but unfortunately they grow up can i cope i hope so i miss the excitement waiting the arrival and being pregnant it is funny she is here but i miss feeling her move i don't know it is a strange feeling.. But we are blessed to have our little ones!!  
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