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My baby boy has arrived :-)

Hi everyone, just to let you all know that my baby boy was born on 27th Sep at 11:27. My labour was 28 hours long!! But managed to have him natuarly with less than 25% Epidural effect ( didn't work on me :(. He was very unsetteled after birth and I have had no sleep for days... He is gettig better and I am thankful that he is healthy and weighing almost 10 pounds. I LOVE HIM SOOOOOO MUCH.... Its very difficult to come online!! hoping things will get less busy for me...
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Congrats Nadia!! My son was also born on the 27th!! :) We had a c-section though; he was malpositioned, hadn't dropped by 41 weeks..... and came out weighing 11 lbs 1 oz!!! It was still an amazing experience and I'm back on my feet feeling great. Our little boy is so incredible, I'm loving mommyhood!! Congrats to you and best of luck in the next few weeks - it's crazy, isn't it?! :)
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congrats. I agree with everyone. It is difficult to take some time. I'm glad your baby is finally here. I know we all are. Take care.
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congrats i know what you mean this is the first time i have got on here after being on nearly two weeks ago to say Kayla was here
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congratulations! eww 28 hours.... gawd! but hey hes here and your happy! now go take a nap!
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congrats, im so happy for you! im glad things went well... although 28 hours of labour doesnt sound fun!! lol
i know what you mean about trying to find the time to get on the computer... im not even on here 1/4 as much as i was before. i cant believe how busy i am. its crazy!
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