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Did anyone else not get on birth control after birth and just stuck to condoms ? I'm doing and I'm scare to get pregnant even tho we're using condoms im 7 weeks post partum and still no period I'm getting worried now
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I have 4 children, 2 years apart,  and never used any bc. however I strictly bf on demand so I didn't have a period until I weaned baby. My husband and I are pretty active. Also we wanted a large family so it didn't matter for us any way.
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I'm sorry but what does bf mean ? & I don't take birth control bc I don't trust it 100% and I really don't want anymore kids anytime soon I'm trying to go to college
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Breastfed. Are you breastfeeding with your baby? That can delay your period from happening. You're very fertile after giving birth, but if your being safe and using protection you're not as likely to get pregnant again. I would be carefully monitoring and maybe ask your doctor for his/her opinion.
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Oh no I'm not I just breastfed the first few days idk what I would do if I got pregnant right now lol
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I only use condoms and I'm pregnant with my third. As long as you always have sex with a condom you shouldn't get pregnant.
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Condoms are less effective than the pill. When used properly, they're highly effective, but no method is absolute and condoms can break.

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We just started havjnh sex and we've used a condom every time n I feel like I can't even enjoy sex cause I'm paranoid the comdom will break I really don't know what birth control method to trust
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I got the implant in my arm for 5yrs and it worked great. My son is 8 and I am pregnant with my second 34weeks. I am uncertain if it works for all but it worked for me. You can look into something like that.
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Condoms are pretty safe as long as you use them right. I didn't go on birth control after my first because I wanted my hormones to go back to normal.
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Ive never been on birth control. I had my first son at 19 and used condoms. I'm now 24 and due in March to have a baby girl. They worked fine for me... I always made sure I used them and if I didn't have a condom I didn't have sex.  I chose to have unprotected sex with the father of my daughter because I was ready for another baby.
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7 weeks pp? Which means you just had your 6 week appt. Everyone is different. If your bleeding stopped 4 weeks pp then your period isnt due for another week..m if you stopped at 5 then its not due for another 2.

Again everyone is different.
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Oh ok thanks yea my bleeding stopped like 4 weeks ago I didn't bleed much only the first few days I did & yea I didn't think about my hormones going back to normal and I was goin to call my doctor to get on birth control but I guess I'm not bc I want my hormones to go back to normal too & does the implant make u gain weight ? Bc I gain weight very quick
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