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Answers to frequently asked questions, please read!

1. Stretch marks are genetic, you either get them or you don't. Regardless of how much/what kind of lotion you use.(personally I use cocoa butter and it definitely helps fade them but nothing can prevent them.)
2. Sex won't harm your baby unless you do some crazy freaky positions or go super duper hard. Normal sex will cause no harm and can be performed throughout your pregnancy unless your Dr for some reason discourages it.
3."Am I pregnant?!" questions, I'm sorry this needs to be said. We are not your Doctor and if you don't even know for sure that you are pregnant than how do you figure strangers on the internet can tell you if you are or not? Take a test!
4. You cannot upload a profile picture on here from the mobile app you have to go to the main website.
5. Spicy foods etc won't hurt your baby.
6. You can find out the sex of your baby as early as 15 weeks but it's a lot more accurate around 19-20 weeks.
7.Most woman feel their baby around 20 weeks, but remember every pregnancy is different.
8. Smoking and second hand smoke do harm your baby, common sense.

*That's all I can think of for now, feel free to add.*
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Finally all in one :)
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Best. Post. Ever.
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Omg i love you lol
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9. You CAN colour your hair while your pregnant!
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Cramping is totally normal. Throughout entire pregnancy. Bleeding bright red is not. Or unbearable cramps are not normal. But nevertheless, period like cramps... Expect to get them. :)
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Lmbo @ #3
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Some people get lots of nausea and some people don't get any. Sometimes morning sickness lasts two weeks and sometimes it lasts eight months. It does not mean something is wrong that you are or are not having morning sickness.
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Gender "tests" - baking soda, Chinese calendar, carrying high or low, high or low heart rate, craving spicy or sweet, morning sickness or none... they're all exactly 50% accurate.
100% accurate tests include fetal genetic blood testing, a very clear ultrasound picture, or childbirth. That's it.
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Drinking alcohol during pregnancy will harm your baby. Drs don't know if there is a safe limit, so best to avoid completely. And you will feel judged buying beer with your big pregnant belly
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Every pregnancy is different. You can not dictate when you will get your baby bump by when someone else got theirs. All you can do is compare. They're is no definite answer on when you will start to show. Out all depends on you.
Oh and just because you are not getting as big as you thought you would, doesn't mean something is wrong with your baby. If doctor says its fine, its fine.
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If your "boyfriend/man/hubby physically abuses you - leave!!"

If you gotta ask strangers should you keep your baby or not --YOU SHOULD NOT ! if you gotta ask u don't deserve that child!  Give it to someone who will love them
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