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Anti-depressants while pregnant?

I need some help. I'm currently 25w+1d and suffer severe depression and anxiety (both have been diagnosed and confirmed by doctors and psychologists).
I came off medication about a year and a half-2 years ago. Since being pregnant my depression has got worse again due to my hormones being all over the place and i'm now debating going back onto medication (after talking to my doctor of course). I've not had any form of medication, not even a painkiller because i don't want to put that into my little boy but my drastic mood changes at the moment have ruined everything. My baby's father left me because he couldn't deal with my depression as it's become so bad which has in turn made me feel even worse of course.
Has anyone else been on anti-depressants while pregnant and had a change in their mood and the baby has been fine in the long run? I don't want to be on medication again but i'm worried if i don't try something else then i'm just going to get worse. I'm already seeing a counsellor and plan on seeing a CBT specialist but this is not helping me very much right now.
Help :'(
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I have been on anti depressants for at least 5 years. When my boyfriend and I decided that we were going to try for a baby I spoke with my Dr. and they changed my medication to something safe for if I did become pregnant. I was on venlafaxine er for the longest time but when my birth control was up (implinon implant) I told the Dr. I wanted to change meds just incase we did decide to have a baby. I am now on sertraline have been since about a month before I got pregnant my baby is very healthy and very active. Also the medication is safe to be on if you want to breastfeed. I hope this is information is somewhat helpful for you.
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That is helpful thank you! I think i'm mainly in the mindset that i don't want medication going into my baby but also that i won't be much use as a mother if i'm always depressed :/ I'm going to speak to my doctor and see what they can recommend. Thank you very much (:
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Your welcome I hope everything works out for you!(:
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I have to add, although I stopped my antidepressants as soon as I found out (cold turkey w/o dr) sertraline (Zoloft) was a godsend for me. I was on it for 3 years prior to becoming pregnant and had severe depression and panic disorder. That medicine was at the time the best thing I ever did for myself. I didn't know it was safe while pregnant and I was terrified id hurt my baby so I just stopped. Thankfully my pregnant hormones have me feeling normal lol but if I have a problem after she's born, I'll definitely be back to the sertraline.
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Also, I've been following your posts, I'm so sorry for all the craziness you've had to go through, hopefully you'll feel so much better after getting some help with medicine, I know it's not ideal, but whatever you have to do to stay healthy for your baby ya know? And don't doubt yourself as a mother. The fact that you care enough and are worried you'll mess up, that you're searching for help instead of hiding it, means a great deal. You'll do great :)
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Reading on the NHS website, sertraline isn't advised during pregnancy or breastfeeding except in serious cases which worries me :( but then again it's down to the doctor and what they think is best for each person so i'll have to see what they say would be best for me, although if they suggest anything i've been on previously i may rip their head off :/
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And thank you so much! I'm forever worrying i won't be good enough and it scares me more but i need to think what's going to be best for my little boy (:
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I'm scared too, I think all new moms are. But we'll get the hang of things :) don't worry
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I was on antidepressants (sertraline) throughout pregnancy and my baby boy is now six weeks old and perfectly healthy. :)
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I wasn't on them with my first I didn't want to take any medicine but my depression and anxiety got so bad all I could do is sleep with my second I was on anti depression medicine the entire pregnancy and my son is a perfectly happy health three year old and I am a happy momma
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Thank you for all the help ladies and the positivity of taking medication during pregnancy and everything still being okay with your little ones (:
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