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Birth control

Question, sorry not pregnancy related really..

Can birth control delay your period? I started yaz a little over a month ago
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Sometimes.  Everyones body reacts differenly to birthcontrol.   Id call your dr that gave you the yaz. And they can tell you if its normal. And if not they cant switch it for you or test you for pregnancy.
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were you having unprotected sex during the first month? as in the first month you need to use a back up as the BC isnt working yet... and you should most def. take a preg test... but if you are currently not having sex then i would talk to the Dr for sure as i have never heard it delaying a period, especially if you were regular before... but i dont know a lot about the subject so i cant say its not possible... so dont quote me on that...
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Well I have really regular periods.28 days they length of 4 days ever since I started my period. Even after I got my period after my son they returned to that. I was suppose to start today which I'm not stressed just wondering if it could be my birth control. It's done a lot of stuff like made me not want to have sex etc so I wasn't sure if it would change my cycle.

I have been sexually active for the first two weeks we used protection religiously but after that we slacked off because I thought after two weeks that it should be in in my system.

I also take my birth control religiously every night almost down to the second. I have an alarm on my phone. ( I usually forgetful)

I don't think I'm pregnant as I don't feel any different. I guess I was just curious if anyone else had a change in cycle.. If AF doesn't come tomorrow I'll concider testing
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Well I used the Mirena iud for over a year and got pregnant on it and had it removed which caused me to miscarry and right after the miscarriage was over I got on beyaz and took it for 1 month and my cycle didn't return so I stopped the beyaz and the next month my cycle came back but it was only light spotting for 2 hours, not even enough for a panty liner but enough for me to conceive again. I'm not sure if the miscarriage or the beyaz caused the odd periods though. Also my OB/GYN told me to use a backup method for the entire first month of beyaz so it could become effective so it might not hurt to get a cheap test just to make sure.
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well as far as i know its for the first whole month to use a back up but if your only a day late then i would wait and see...
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I don't believe I'm pregnant. Just curious to as if it could be th birth control. If AF doesn't come tomorrow I will test just to be safe for baby. Or possible baby so I can get off BC. If negative ill know it's BC

Thanks for all the responses. I love this group you are all wonderful ladies
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