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Bleeding 9 weeks 3 days

I'm 9 weeks and 5 days today. The other day I went to the hospital because I started bleeding bright red blood. It wasn't heavy but it was definitely more than spotting with no pain at all. I was told that I was bleeding around where the baby implanted itself and that I was having a threatened miscarriage. The Dr told me that my baby was doing great though with a heartbeat of 168 and my hcg levels were good. She said that I had a 50 50 chance of either having a successful pregnancy or a pregnancy loss. The bleeding went from sort of period like to light brown spotting.. today I am not bleeding at all. I have an appointment with my ob on Tuesday the 12th to see how the baby is. My question is.. has this happened to anyone before and how did things turn out for you? Thank you so much for your time.
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I experience that at my 6th week and was also diagnosed with a threatening miscarriage , but I'm Currently 15weeks & 4Days with a Healthy baby . I Read posts and was told by my doctor that it may have been from an old period that was just backed up I had 3 clots , I hope everything goes well for you and your little one ..
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Thank you Candie. I'm trying not to worry but it's kind of hard.
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I bled from week 6 to 16 of my pregnancy.   Light heavy brown bright red.  Pretty much every day.  Try noyto worry to much.  Drink tons of water.  80oz or water or more a day.  
Oh, and btw,  my twins will turn 4 in Juky.
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Same thing happened to me. I full blown bled ( bright red) at 4 weeks. The bleeding was on and off for a couple of weeks after that. I too, was told that I had a ' 50/50 chance' I'm 16 weeks today. Saw the baby last week via ultrasound. She is perfectly healthy. Pray and try not to stress out.
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Bubblesguppie100 and mhv.. did y'all experience any clots. I had one clot yesterday. Every now and then when I go to the restroom there will be like brown granules in the toilet and sometimes when I wipe. Do you think that's old blood?
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I honestly don't remember if I had any clots? I do remember lots of bright red blood. Then, brown blood for a couple of weeks. It was so heavy that it stained my panties ( sorry, TMI) and I had to wear thick pads ( no tampons) I was put on bed rest for a couple of weeks, which was hard because I had a three year old at the time. Did the Doctors put you on bed rest?
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Ask you're doctor could a sono be done to check for subchorionic hematoma.. Because if that's the case you are suppose to be in "high risk" prenatal care so they can closely monitor the baby.
I was diagnosed with that my 6th week in pregnancy after bleeding for the first week with brown spotting which turned into red blood with cramping the second week, with 2 big blood clots & a few small clots, the clots stop after two days but I continued to have red then brown spotting for the next week.. I'm now 10weeks my baby is perfectly fine and healthy. You're body will either absorb the blood or it will come out. Best advice: stay off you're feet as much as you can , no lifting heavy things, no walking far distances & drink plenty of water, eat healthy & take ur prenatals. Sorry for such a long post just worried. I hope things go just as well for you.
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P.s ... I met a girl in high risk prenatal care that told me in her first pregnancy at 14wks, her doctor told her to be prepared because she had a 40% chance of a successful pregnancy. Her daughter is now two & she's expecting another daughter now 20wks into her pregnancy. Same obstacles but more optimistic now then in her first pregnancy. I have a strong feeling you're baby will be okay. Take care
Thank you so much. I have an appointment on Tuesday I'm definitely gonna talk to him about that.
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Hope everything works out for you! Every pregnancy is so different! I had a miscarriage 8 wks into my first pregnancy N got pregnant the next month again. The second pregnancy, I bled from week 7 all the way to week 15. I'm now on week 22 and my baby is fine. The doc said it was a blood sack or sub chorionic hemorrhage in my uterus. Seems pretty common online. Don't freak out and just keep up with frequent doc visits til bleeding stops. I will keep you and your baby in my thoughts and prayers.
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I had similar experience around my 8th week. Strong period like bleeding snd cramping which lasted several hours, followed by dark blood spotting for about a week. Threatened miscarriage. My doctor told me thar the ultrasound showed hemorraging and that there was a space between placenta and uterine wall which was causing the bleeding. My doctor told me that the space will eventually close but for precaution recommended no exercise, no walking and minimal moving around for 3 weeks. I am now 17 weeks and all is well. Hope all will be well for you!
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