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Breast Augmentation and Pregnancy

I have a question for any of you women that had a breast augmentation before they got pregnant...
Did it affect the pregnancy at all?
How big did they get, did you get stretch marks?
Were you able to breastfeed?
How did they look after the pregnancy or after breastfeeding?

I've got two girls, breastfed them both until they were almost a year. I do wish to get pregnant again in the future. I'm trying to decide if I should get cost free breast augmentation now, or later.  I love the Dr that could do my surgery and it's get them done now with that Dr for no cost of pay for them later and have to find another Dr.
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You should discuss this with the Dr doing the surgery. It's usually advised to wait till your done having kids but can be done before.
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I have talked to my Dr and I'm not going into this blind. I was wondering what other women have experianced. Women who have gone through this situation.
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That question I believe is a first on this forum! ;) I don't have a personal experience, but a friend of mine had 2 children, both in her early 20s (3 years apart) after she had her breasts enlarged and I know for sure she did not remove the implants during that time. The pregnancies did not "ruin" the breasts and went back to their size afterwards. I don't know about stretch marks, didn't see them ;) She was even breastfeeding both kids and seemed fine. Sorry, that's all of my limited knowledge about the issue! Best wishes :)
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I was wondering the same thing I had a breast reductin a year and a half ago and I think I may be preg now... I am really hoping that my surgeons good work dosent go to waste
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Thanks for the info, I've got big a-semetry and the Dr might do the surgery for low to no cost. But I'm not sure if I want to get it done now...no cost, or after I have my last child...(hoping I can have another :) If I wait I'll have to pay for it.  But I will breastfeed the next baby like I did my first two...even if it's going to "mess up" the augmentation. Thanks
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i have had a personal experience with this. Mine changed a little....but not bad! Stretchmarks...well a few on the sides and yes they got bigger. Breastfeeding...yes I did and had no problem. did not affect my pregnancy at all. I am still happy with my augmentation four years after giving birth. i am pregnant again now so we will see....
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I had mine done in 1998 when I was 18, I didnt have my first baby untill 22. I havent had any problems with them what so ever.. I never breast feed but not for that reason. Now I have 4 kids and have had them for 12 years, they look real now and not high up or fake or anything, lol. Talk with your doctor if you want to get it done, im sure he would say now is fine. My doctor acually told me I couldnt go any bigger untill after I had kids because they were so small to begin with, so having kids first has some advantages, lol. Good luck!
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I had my augmentation done in 2008 - after two children and a divorce and a tubal... did not think I was having anymore,.  Remarried did IVF and I am now 32 weeks... Okay - with my first two pregnancies my breast size went from a B/C cup to beyond a DD while breastfeeding....2 years after... I lost way too much weight - very unhealthy and has some personal issues going on and went down to an A cup when I decided to get mine done.  I went with a full C - but shortly after the surgery I gained some weight and became a little more healthy that they turned out to be a D ... prepregnancy/after augmentation I was wearing a size 0 or 2... (when I was super skinny I was 5'6" and weighed 83lbs...yeah.. bad!)  

Okay right now I noticed that my chest seems much heavier than it did in the previous pregnancies - I assume that the implants are adding to the weight along with the fluid and such.  I do not have any strech marks as of yet.. I use coco butter on them and my belly every night.  I do get some pain in them as I wonder if it is scar tissue from the surgery ( I had an incision under the breast) and I am very nervous for how large they are going to be when my milk comes in.  If I went up 3 sizes before - they are going to be huge (I have gained 20lbs so far and honestly I think 10 of it is my boobs!)  

I would think the Dr would want you to wait a bit after the breast surgery to get pregnant as the implants need to settle and that can take upto 9 months.  
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Thank all of you ladies for answering my questions. I have a 1 year old so we aren't going to try and get preggers for at least a year.  Just heard from the Dr today and he is going to do the surgery...very nervous and excited!!
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