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Breasts or bottles !

I'm 36 weeks && really contemplating on whether or not I should breast feed , I'm mostly afraid of it hurting or my breasts becoming " saggy " . Any advice ? Who's done it ? Is it withy it or should I stick to formula ??
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My daughter will be 6 months on the 1st and I've breastfeed her since she was born. It definitely hurts your nipples at first. My nipples cracked and bled but it does get better. They have lansinoh cream for your nips that is safe for babies. I used it and it did help. Breast milk is better for babies. I love breastfeeding my daughter. But everyone is different. All I can say is try it out. Good luck.
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Well, this is such a personal decision.  I breast fed but my sister did not.  Neither of us was right or wrong with our decision but did what we felt was best for us.  There are good things to either choice.  I do think the start up of nursing can be rough.  Okay, yeah.  It hurt me a lot.  Thank goodness for lanolin in the purple tube (have some of that if you nurse).  I also think that babies who are bottle fed are just as healthy as those who aren't.  I really do.  My sister's kids are just as healthy as mine and MY son is the one with all the allergies, go figure.  But I did love the bonding with baby.  Honestly, nursing was a wonderful experience for ME.  I felt very motherly and so close to my little one.  Did it change my breasts?  Yes.  Not lying about it.  But to me it was worth it.

So, just think about what will be best for you hon.  No right or wrong answer.  good luck
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Breast is best. Your boobs will sag no matter if you breastfeed or not due to them getting engorged with milk when your milk first comes in then wither you feeding or just letting the milk dry up. It does hurt till your milk comes in and it will get better getting past the first 2 weeks is key. I breastfeed and pump during the week and on the weekends my husband gets to feed our daughter when I pump. He gets the time to bond and I get a small break.
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I bottle fed my oldest and he is perfectly healthy. I do plan to breastfeed this time around though. My breasts didn't change at all when I let my milk dry up from my oldest. I do know a girl that breastfed close to a year and hers are all wonky now though. Formula is just as good as breastmilk so it's really up to you.
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Breast feeding changes breasts, just being briefly engorged does not.  Don't worry about that hon.  That's inaccurate.  It's the muscle tissue that gets broken down from nursing that is the cause of sagging and the longer you do it, the more of an effect.  I nursed, this was okay with me.  But I do recommend that moms lift light weights to help with their breast tissue during the time in which they are nursing.  good luck
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