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Depo-Provera and Miscarriage

I had the same problem as Nickie5.  I had two healthy childred, I was on Depo-Provera for about 3 years.  When I stopped taking the injections I bleed for 3 months straight.  My cycle hasn't been the same since (about 10 years now).  From start to finish, it lasts appx. 2 weeks!!!  I have also had 2 miscarriages and would like to know what to do (if anything) to reverse the damage (if any).  I just realized that it might have to do with my progestrone level since the injections are progestrone-only hormone.  Could that be right?  
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I don't know what to think.  I've heard of a lot of women not being able to have a successful pg. after depo.  I had 2 healthy pg's, then I was on depo for 2 months and have not been able to have a successful pg. since.  My dr. says that depo has nothing to do with it, but I don't know....I also have a autoimmune disorder but, thats something that makes me wonder....
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I don't like to coorelate things either but my first pregnancy after being on the depo shot ended in a miscarriage and we have so far been unable to get pregnant again. Although it won't seem like  a long time to many (going on five months because I don't think this cycle was successful either) this has been the longest it has taken us so far.
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i was on depo for two years, i was then on the pill for 10 months. after i got off the pill it only took me two cycles ( mind you my husband and i wernt trying) to fall pregnant. (i mean i fell pregnant on the second cycle.)
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Same with me for coming off of the pill, we just kind of waited out the first one to see if it would be 28 days or if anything strange was going to happen. My AF showed up right on day 28 and the very next month we were pregnant and it was healthy and full term.
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I was on Depo for 3 years, then got off and the next month got AF right on time, then got on Nuvaring for three months. I didn't like the weight gain w/this one either (10lbs) so I got off. It took 3 cycles to become pregnant, and we WERENT trying. Ihad been using fertility awareness.

So far KNOCK ON WOOD!!! I'm 15w today!. It may be the projesterone, or just your body not acclimated to being pregnant yet since the Shot makes your body think it's pregnant. (like when you get pregnant too close together and miscarry)
Just my thoughts.

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you coul ask your doctor to test your progestrone levels..then theyll be able to tell you if you need injections.
i was on the depo..took it  once..got off dec of 07'..got pregnant  april 07'..but miscarried at  3 months.now im 9 weeks today 11/21/08...my doctor says theres a 80% chance i wont miscarry ..but im still scared as ever..im going next week to request that he checks my progestrone levels.i am 24 and have 2 healthy children..ages 5 and 2...the miscarriage was soo  devestating on my relationship i know that if it happens again we will not try again for a long time...
no one told me about the side effects of the depo.good luck to you all who are expecting or are trying to get pregnant.
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