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When I was pregnant with DS I was 1 cm and 50% effaced at 33 weeks, DS was breech...with this baby I'm now 35 weeks 5 days and I'm not effaced or dilated at all...and she's head down. The dr said she starts membrane sweeps as early as 36/37 weeks and COULD do it at my next appointment sometime next week, but obviously she can't if nothing has happened with my cervix...I'm confused now. Why was I 1 cm and 50% effaced with a breech baby, and with the pressure of her head nothing? I don't get it...that was a little disappointing hearing long thick and closed today. I'm attempting a VBAC and I want to be able to go into labor and deliver her vaginally...I've never attempted a vaginal birth.
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It's different with every pregnancy.  Out of 6 pregnancies my dialation/effacement has been all over the place.  Many times a first pregnancy will dialate early and stay that way for weeks.  With subsequent pregnancies it's more common to dialate/efface much closer to actually going into labor.  I wouldn't really worry about it at this point.  You still have plenty of time,.
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When I went in there today, I just KNEW she would say SOMETHING was going on, but I haven't been too accurate on my guesses lately. It does make me feel better that you've been all over the place, especially since you've done VBACs. I'm not sure what or if they can do anything really if I'm not doing anything on my own and I do NOT want another c-section...glad my appointments start every week now.
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with my first I was 3 cm and 75% effaced at 30 weeks, had her at 37.5 weeks..With my second, I started dialating early just dont remember when really...With my last one I started dialating around 36 weeks and that was maybe a 1 or 2..but I did not efface at all until I was induced at 39.4 weeks...and that was after 2 membrane sweeps and I only dialated to a 3.5-4 ...so yeah you may not start dialating until the end...dont give up hunny on that vbac...it will happen i am praying for you
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35 weeks is still early I wouldn't stress about it. Plus with each baby you have they say it happens quicker. With my first I went from 1 cm 20% to 3 and 80% in three days. With my second I went from 1cm to 3 cm in 5 days, but then from 3 to 10 in about 45 minutes.

I guess the point is don't worry when you start to dialate it could go quick so you have plenty of time :-)
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With subsequent pregnancies lightening doesn't usually happen until you are in labor, so the baby is still floating (head down), where as with first pregnancies, it can happen a few weeks before.  For me, with my first I was still closed and 0% at 40 weeks, 2nd, I was 3cm and 75% at 36 weeks, and this time I have been 2cm and 50% since 32 weeks.  I think it really depends on each baby.  With #2 and this one I have felt strong contractions off and on, which makes sense for where I am.  Have you felt anything?
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It's great news that she's head down!! I wouldn't worry too much about it. I was 1-2cm for a few weeks and was told my cervix still needed to ripen up a bit for a while too. Even the day I went into labour my cervix still wasn't really soft or anything. Hang in there...things will start picking up soon.
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Thanks for all the encouragement ladies! I'm so afraid of getting another c-section, I really hope and pray everything goes as planned and I have a VBAC this time. I'm wanting to go all natural, but am not completely against pain meds...but definitely against the epidural...we'll see soon enough!
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Well this past time I took a couple of bouncey truck rides and did a lot of bouncing on an exercise ball.  It got me to 2 cm so my doc was able to put me in the hospital and break my water.  
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Pregnancy is different with every child. Some women aren't dilated or effaced at all just to find out the next day that they have effaced and dilated almost fully over night from what I hear. I am in the same spot. I'm 37 weeks pregnant and haven't had any signs of labor approaching at all. I have not dilated or effaced at all. And No BH contractions either. All we can do is be patient talk to your doctor or midwife about your options.maybe they can help you get things going and started medically wise. It won't hurt to ask. Good luck!!
yep, you speak truth proud_mommy01!
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