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Fetal Heart Doppler

Hello everyone!! Just wondering has anyone bought a fetal heart doppler? If so what brand did u buy? Did it work well? I was thinking of buying one so DH and I can listen to the heartbeat whenever we want to . I got one at walmart awhile ago but it doesnt work until your about 28 weeks, and Im 19 weeks 4 days. Thanks!!
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I had one for the beginning of my preg since I have ghad 2 mc;s prior to this one. May I ask why you want to pay the money now when in no time you will be feeling the kicks and punches - which are sooooooo much better. I started to feel my baby kick at about the 19-19 week time and now I am almost 23 weeks and barely use my doppler anymore. I would recommend it for the beginning of your preg but not then latter. I also find that if I use it now the baby moves and kicks me like it doesn;t like me or something so I use it maybe 1x per 2 weeks if I have less fetal movement. I bought mine on ebay for about 90$ Amer.
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O i just want one cuz DH tries to listen to it like every night and we lay in bed for like 2 hours and he cant find the heartbeat i just think it'll b nice to have moslty for him...Idk when he will b able to feel it moving and stuff so he really doesnt get to experience alot till later...
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You can rent high quality ones if you don't want to shell out a couple hundred dollars...I never got one but I wanted one so bad!  If I have a second child, I will definitely get one!
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this is my 6th pregnancy m/c 2 times and this pregnancy i rented a baby Doppler from baby beat for like 35 a month and that was like with a digital one and i got mine from 10 weeks till 34 weeks i am now 37 weeks i also liked hearing the heartbeat anytime i wanted but got it so dh could hear it to as he worked all the time and couldn't go to any of my apt i would strongly recommend getting one cause any time i had a concern about the baby i just pulled out the Doppler and it reassured me everything was ok it saved me a lot of trips to the dr office good luck
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My advice is this: skip it and in a week or more you'll be able to feel the baby moving so you won't need it. The bad thing of having a doppler is that if you can't find the heart beat for some reason you are going to freak out and/or get worried for no reason. (I know I would!)
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I am in my 23rd week and hubby can feel the baby kicking. I would wait it out also. If you are thinking of renting - I would purchase - this way you will have for next preg and you will be able sell it afterwards. I would not purchase at this stage though. Just my opinion though.
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i strongly recommended!! i got one from baby beat that got a display that shows bpm and records too, for me is a peace of mind when i hear the heart beat plus i dont have to wait for my appt to hear it..i think you should get it or you rent one too for $50 a month w a display so you have to be counting and record it and save it in your computer! but they have cheaper too!
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Thanks ladies!! I think im still going to think about it..I really want one though lol..I found some for like 73 bucks and it starts to work from like 10-12 weeks. IDK lol thanks though!!  
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a girl on here sent me to ebay and i bought one for 42 bucks she said hers works great
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I just ordered one on baby beat for $45/month.  It says it works from 8-12 weeks.  I hope so! I need reassurance!
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yeah! it works from like 8 weeks and up my ob says it looks better than his lol..
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