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Horrible One Sided Stomach Pains @ 5 weeks

Hi all,
So I just found out that I am 5 weeks pregnant and about 4 weeks ago I started getting a horrible sharp pain in my lower left abdomen.. Now I know it's normal to have stomach pains during pregnancy but these are so bad that I am in tears on days when the pain flares up. Some days I don't have the pain but recently it has been almost constant. It feels like a sharp rock scraping my insides and a lot of pressure in that area.
I went to the doctor and my hcg levels are good and I had an intrauterine sac show up on ultrasound, ruling out ectopic pregnancy which was my concern. Now I'm worried there is some sort of digestive issue going on maybe like a hernia or diverticulitis? I couldn't get an appointment with a GI until August 17 so I am left to basically suffer mentally & physically..... Anyone else been/going through the same thing or have any advice or knowledge on what could be going on? Trying not to freak out here and just enjoy pregnancy but I'm in a lot of pain.
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Well, when I first started getting the pain I was having regular bowel movements everyday. Right before I found out I was
pregnant I started getting more constipated. I decided to take some laxatives per doctors orders but I am still having the pain even after I go....maybe there's just something stuck in there lol.
I see my obgyn next week and I'll definitely let him know. It doesn't help that I am craving all the things I shouldn't be eating right now lol but I definitely will make an effort to eat more fiber.
Thanks for your response :)
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Constipation can be like that.  It's super uncomfortable!  My guess that this is what is going on .  Talk to your ob/gyn though to be sure.  I also found when pregnant, the aches and pains didn't make sense. I had a lot of them.  I know one thing that happened that was painful down in my lower abdomen was pain from everything getting pushed around and stretching.  I am not thinking you are far enough along for that but ya, that's on the way too.  Pregnancy is a rough ride but OH SO worth it in the end!!!!  
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Oh, that's terrible.  Pregnancy is not 'that' long but being in pain for 9 months is TOO long for sure.  What does your ob/gyn say about the pain? Something very common especially in early pregnancy is constipation.  The hormones of pregnancy slow things down, make your colon sluggish.  Even if you are going, you could still be constipated.  Try drinking ore than usual amounts of fluid.  Get a bit extra fiber as well.  Also do some exercise regularly.  Have you told your doctor about the pain? Great news that you ruled out ectopic pregnancy!  Women do report abdominal pain.  There is stretching that goes on, and yes, your digestive tract is impacted with pregnancy.  LOTS of hormones shifting. These are the issues to make sure you call your doctor right away if you have abdominal pain: Fever or chills
Spotting or bleeding (with or without cramps)
Severe headache
Vision changes (including blurred vision, seeing flashing lights or spots, sensitivity to light, or temporary blindness)
Pain or burning during urination, difficult urinating or blood in your urine
Dizziness or feeling faint

I would actually check in with your ob/gyn again.  See if they have any ideas.  Keep in touch and let me know if anything helps.  
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