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Is 3 weeks enough time to get meth out of your system

I have a friend who is 36 weeks prego... She had admitted to her Dr that she had done meth bout 5 different times throughout her pregnancy.she started to do some outpatient drug classes but is concerned. That cps will take her baby from her.. Will she and baby be clean in 3 weeks
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Hi there.  I'm so very glad to hear that your friend is seeking some drug counseling.  She hopefully will take that very seriously as she is about to become a mother which is like a higher calling, if you will.  :>)  Parents need to be sober, clean to do a good job.  So, that is absolutely fantastic she told her doctor which I know isn't easy to do and she is getting some help!  So, she just used meth again though?  Is that the concern?  The manner in which she ingested it impacts how fast it will leave her system.  But overall, it would likely be out of hers.  It takes longer to get out of babies, but probably babies too.  The real problem is . . . that the baby DID ingest meth which will affect development.  Your friend needs to keep that in mind.  Babies being born addicted is so hard but only part of the problem.  Those same babies were basically doing drugs in utero while their brain and systems were forming.  There is a higher rate of developmental issues, unfortunately.  Your friend will need to be aware and should tell the BABY's doctor.  Again, hard to do. But they will want to intervene if the child shoes any issues at all early.  I personally have a son with a developmental delay and the earlier they address issues, the better chance they have at helping a child overcome them!  So, your friend will just want to keep an eye out and seek help for her kiddo if it's necessary.  And HOPEFULLY that will not be the case.  Just giving some extra info for her to keep in mind.  

I am not sure her smoking meth 3 weeks before birth will trigger cps involvement but would guess she's on the radar.  At the very least, they will have hospital staff such as social workers speaking with her.  The idea is welfare for HER AND her baby.  Her getting and staying clean is the ultimate goal and not to punish her.  We all make mistakes or have things that we do that we wish we didn't. The problem may be when we wish we didn't but couldn't stop ourselves.  That's addiction and a disease and it gets worse over time if left unaddressed.  Hugs to your friend, I know that is hard!  She will probably want to clean house in terms of her friends/family/colleagues who use meth.  If it is too tempting to say no to, she needs to avoid them like the plague for her own well being. And if the meth was used in her own home, she needs to clean the place like crazy pre baby.  Maybe you can help her with that as if she is 36 weeks, it is harder to wipe down walls, tables, etc.  (I was super uncomfortable the last month of pregnancy---  could barely walk, lol).  

Anyway, let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.  I feel for your friend.  I hope it all turns out okay.  
Well I just wanted to let u kno that my friend got to keep her baby but also has completly stopped using ever since he was born
That's great.  I love a story with a happy ending. All the best to your friend!!
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