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I've been itching so bad like ALL OVER my body!!!
I think I'm getting some sort of rash on my sides too??

I'll get comfortable, then have to move all around trying to itch my back or my legs or my neck, sides... etc, and it's driving me aswell as my fiance NUTS.

Anyone know what might be going on??
I'm gunna be 4 months on Wednesday if that helps.
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Normal :)

I often feel like i could claw my skin off (especially my nipples)

Im 21 weeks today

Just another one of those things you have to put up with unfortunately
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I've had some odd itches lately, now that you mention it. Googled pregnancy and itchiness 2 days ago. Lol. I think I'm getting ahead of myself though. I find out if I'm preggers in the morning and I could just be imaging things. (fingers crossed!)
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I have had the drive-you-nuts kind of itching since almost day one.  I scratch myself so bad I leave redmarks and have even come close to drawing blood. It IS normal during pregnancy.  Increase your water intake and moisturize a LOT.  Other than that...slather yourself in calomine or hydrocortisone.  Try taking warm (not hot) oatmeal baths.  It'll go away after pregnancy.
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When I was pg with my dd, I had a rash all the time, was itchy, especially at night.  It drove me crazy.  The Dr. said it was a rash some women get when pg.  i only had it with my dd.  I am hoping it doesn't happen this time around.  I used the aveno lotion, it seemed to help a little.  Your Dr may be able to give you better advice or something else to help.  
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Palmers (I believe is the brand name) has some lotion/syrum made specifically for itching during pregnancy. It has a drawing of a pregnant woman on it and says pregnancy on it somewhere along with anti-itch (something along those lines)
My Mom bought me it in a 3 pack with a stretch mark lotion, and another one... I can't remember the name of it, it also had a baby book in it of 100,000 names or something crazy like that and it all of it was only $20.
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I had the same thing for weeks, but I did develop a rash. I tried lotion for a few weeks but when that didnt work I had to go back to the doc and get ointments and some pills to help stop the itching.
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