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Kidney infection/stone or just lower back pain?

So it began about a week ago when the lower right side of my back would have a sharp pain in it when i would lean over, and as the week progressed it has just gotten worse to where it hurts MORE if i lean over but its constant no matter which way i sit, lay or stand. Its only my right side, i guess you would say right flank. Right about where my hips come out from my waist but its all in my back. Now the pain is starting to radiate down my butt, no pain in the front so far. I'm 25 weeks pregnant and i'm just worried it could possibly be a kidney infection or kidney stone. I dont think it is likely its a kidney stone since DH had one this last febuary and the pain was unbearable for him and from the time it started to hurt to where it was horrible was all in one night. Any and all advice would be so helpful! I just don't want to go to the doctors and have it end up just being lower back pain from the extra weight since i've gained about 15-20 lbs since i got pregnant and i have a really small frame.  please any advice would be great! i just know that if it is a infection then it going untreated is really bad as it can poisen your blood if i remember right. THanks!
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pleasseee any and all advice is needed! the pain is just getting worse and worse
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Call your dr, or go to the ER to get checked out. It's what they are there for. There's no need to feel like you can't just because it may be something simple, or nothing at all. You're pregnant, no need to take risks. Get checked out.
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I completely agree with smjmekg.  This is something that requires a doctors expertise and doesn't sound normal.
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I have the same pain... But I duno where it is from, I have no pain going to the toilet, which is what I thought happens with Kidney stones, (But it can be different every time)
PLEASE don't do what I do and wait for an apt. (Mines on the 7th I booked a month in Advance because my doc is fully booked) please get it seen to straight away.. PLEASE!!!!!!

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thanks ladies, i think ill have my mom watch DS so DH can take me today, it got worse last night. i havent been picking up DS at all, he's almost 2 and weighs 30 lbs, and i've been avoiding picking him up very much unless i really need to since i got pregnant anyways, its hard to hold him with the belly since he doesnt hold on lol. ill let you guys know what happens. thanks again!
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good good that your going to the docs..

I realy should ring mine to see her sooner... cause now even if I hardley walk... I get SERIOUS stitch and its like OUCHIE! LOL....

Hope everything goes okay

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