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Medication and early pregnancy concerns

I just found out I'm 7 weeks along, my husband and I had decided to terminate the pregnancy mainly because I am on a number of medications that scare both of us. We saw the doctor yesterday and set a date for the procedure. Now we are both having second thoughts, this is not a choice we want to make. Can anyone tell me if the below listed medications are a concern or should be cause to go through with the termination? Concerta 54mg, Prozac 60mg, Zovirax 800mg, Rubinol 4mg, seroquel 100mg. As well as over the counter pain medications on occasion, daily vitamins and minerals and other supplements. We are also worried because I did drink on several occasions, and took pain killers for back pain a few times. Im so afraid of harming this baby or risking having it born with problems. If this were a planned pregnancy, I would have proceeded much differently. I would appreciate any help or advice.
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I am pro-life so I am not going to advise you terminate no matter what!

You need to talk to your doctor about this before you kill your baby! I have no clue what kind of side-effects there may be for your baby but I certainly would not abort!
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To the best of my knowledge, medications will NOT effect baby at this gestational age because the placenta has not yet  formed.  Once the placenta is formed, they can be passed to baby through the placenta but this cant happen yet.

Also, all the drugs you list are either Class B or Class C drugs - this means they can be taken during pregnancy if the benefits outweigh the risks and a link between these drugs and birth defects has not been proven.  Im not sure about "Robinul" - I couldnt find anything on that but the others are relatively "safe".  
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i agree with the other girls. it is still very early on. take care of yourself and your baby now that you know and things should be just fine.
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gra: I have a spinal fracture and I am pregnant.  I also have anxiety SO I know for a fact that prozac and pain medications are OK.  I take vicodein and I am six weeks pregnant.  The benefits outweight the risks and my OB is ok with it.  Please talk to your OB about your medications.  There is a good chance that everything is ok.  The alcohol shouldn't have effected the fetus this early either at least that I am aware of.  Talk to your OB so you have a complete understanding of everything before you follow through with a decision that cannot be reversed.
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I agree with the others. Talk to your doctor before you decide something like that. In some cases, they can change the medicine youre on if need be so it's safer. There are dozens of women out there who have done and taken far worse and come out with healthy babies.  
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Please dont terminatee!! TRUST ME ON THISS!!! I went through a termination because I was seriously Ill with Anorexia and on the run from Violence living in a safe house I was VERY VERY underweight and would of nearly killed my self having the baby. And it wasnt safe bringing a baby into my envrioment So i done it for the best. BUT I regret it SO much. Although I would of killed myself, I wish I never done it. BUT if you dont turn up to the appointment you cant have the termination and it will take you Longer to set up another... So you can just cancel it. Anyways. The Medication is fine.. BUT I would check with your doctor about the doseage. If you're concerned. Because they would have said at your apt that the medication wasnt safe but they didnt so it must be fine. Because at my apt I just had to confrim my Pregnancy my GP told me to STOP taking my Pitzofen because it wasnt safe. They shoulld have done that. It should also say of the leaflet you get with the Medication whether its safe with Pregnancy.
My step mum has had 6 Children and She was on A number of Medication whilst pregnant.One of them Was Prozac and they are ALL fine no problems nothing, Except Im worried about my older one, He put on my dress once and said he was a fairy, Other than that they are all fine!! Honestly.

Talk to your doctor and say I dont want the termination, I would like a list of Medication I am allowed to take, and if the Medication I am on is okay! And they will help you :) And will cancel your termination apt! :) Pleasee don't terminate, Trust me. Its horrible and I gotta carry around the feeling of regret and hate for myself for the rest of my life! And its really NOT nice!


Good Luck, and goo see you're GP:)

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Hi I work in the field dealing with serequel and it's deemed the safest in pregnancy of that type of medication before you decide to have a termination speak to your doctor about safety in pregnancy and if there is medication you can change to instead
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I made a decision to terminate a pregnancy a few years ago because of medication I had been taking.  I have deeply, deeply regretted it ever since, and I wouldn't wish these feelings of pain and guilt on anyone else.  I became pregnant again while I was still on the same medication, and decided to keep the baby.  She is perfectly fine!  Please, really think about what you are doing before you decide to go through with the abortion.  The chances of the medication affecting your baby at this point are very slim to nil.  I promise you an abortion will be something you regret.
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